Why you should not use your Host as the Domain Registrar

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

Whenever you start a blog on WordPress.org, you will be tempted to get a domain from the hosting service with which you sign up. This thought is quite common especially with beginners as having the host and domain name in the same place is easy. But this is not so.

There are certain disadvantages which are as follows.

High priced domains

Let’s leave alone certain host like Bluehost, Greengeeks which offer free domains when you sign up for hosting. If you take up Hostgator or SiteGround, the cost of a domain is quite high compared to the popular domain registrars. When you can get a domain for a dollar, why should you waste around $10-15 with the hosting service?

Transfer of domains

When you sign up for a hosting service and get their domain you are locked up with the service. If you are not satisfied with the current host and you wish to switch to the other host, the transfer process will be terrible and time-consuming. If your domain with a separate domain registrar, you can easily shift to another host by just changing the DNS settings in the domain registrar dashboard.

Where you should buy the Domain name

So it’s always advisable to have domain registrar separately. Godaddy and Namecheap are two well-known domain registrars where you can get cheap and best domains. You can also check out the Best 5 domain registrars to get your next domain.

I always advise my readers who are beginners in blogging to choose SiteGround as their hosting service, since they have great customer support. Second, Bluehost as they have a user friendly interface, one click WordPress install and affordable.

So once you have bought a domain and a hosting service, just point the domain to the hosting service and start developing your blog.