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WordPress is perhaps one of the best platforms for building websites. What is undebatable is that it one of the most widely used when it comes to building websites. It makes building websites super easy and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. The thing is that this is not the only thing that its good for. It also happens to be one of the content management systems for SEO. Let’s dive into some of the reasons that make it great for SEO. 

Built-in Optimization 

The first reason you should use WordPress if you have SEO aspirations is that WordPress pretty much comes SEO ready out the box. Its code is Google-friendly and comes standard with all the technical SEO aspects in place. Things like robot.txt are already optimized for you and the code is super clean, which search engines like. 

Standard Tagging 

One of the best features that come with WordPress is giving you the ability to optimize your content and your images without any technical knowledge. It allows you to tag your headings with a simple visual editor. This is super important to tell the search engines what your articles are about. 

You will also be able to tag the images with alt text. This makes it easy for search engines to know what the image is about and what keywords to search them for. This is a great feature for e-commerce companies who want to show up in image results. 

Lastly, it automatically helps you generate the meta tags which includes the description and the meta titles. There are also a ton of tools that you can add that can help you with that. 


Because WordPress became popular among many people looking to build a website, it became popular among developers. This flooded the platform with tools and updates that made it that much better. This brought with it a ton of SEO tools that let you do SEO without having to be technical. 

One of the most popular SEO tools is called SEO by Yoast. Yoast lets you customize your meta tags to be what you want to be and can read your content to give you a score for optimization of your target keyword. 

It also allows you to pick which pages you want to leave out of the search engines. This can prevent you from keyword cannibalization which can really help when you’re building out landing pages. 

WordPress also gives you a lot of tagging tools that give the ability to add tracking like Google Analytics and Search Console, which will help you track your efforts. 

Lastly, the sitemap tools allow you to generate a sitemap and let the bots crawl and index your site for search. This can be used to submit to Google as well. 


These days, you can expect fifty percent or more of your traffic to come from mobile. Because of this, search engines, especially Google, give a lot of weight to websites that are optimized for mobile. With WordPress, all-new versions of sites come fully mobile responsive and optimized for mobile users. This will help you show up in mobile results and outrank those websites that are not fit for mobile results. This not only helps with SEO but also with converting of the users that are on their mobile phones. 

Automatic Interlinkinking

Interlinking can have a big effect on what keywords your articles rank for. It also is really important for quicker indexing of your content. WordPress has many tools that will let you automatically interlink content based on target keywords. Another thing that can be time-consuming made easy by WordPress. 

Easy to Publish Content 

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO and WordPress makes the publishing of content ridiculously easy. For the most part, you can use the visual editor and copy and paste a formatted Google doc and you’re ready! Easily add any media, images or video, and hit publish. If you want to take it a step further, optimize the images and the meta tags per tool mentioned earlier. If your article is edited, it can take you just a few minutes. 

Grow Your Website With WordPress 

If you want to do SEO, its best to build your website on WordPress. It has all the tools you need and comes out of the box the best-optimized system there is. The best part is it makes it all very easy for you and if you ever want to redesign the site, you can just switch themes without losing your SEO. Get going and build your business! 

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