How to Explode your Blog Traffic with Viral Content Bee

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Social media marketing is an essential part of promoting a blog.However,social media is a vast space and it can be difficult to become or remain relevant.That’s where Viral Content Bee comes in.It is a must-have tool to ease your social media marketing.

What is Viral Content Bee?


Viral Content Bee


It is FREE a platform that drives traffic to your blog by getting other bloggers to promote your blog posts on their social media pages.
All you need to do is promote other peoples content on your social media sites as well.
Sharing earns you points, which you redeem by posting your own content to be shared by others. Easy as pie, right?
Well, it is. The best part is that you get access to social media influencers’ massive audiences.


How Does Viral Content Bee Works?


Getting started

You can either sign up via Facebook or Twitter or register directly on the site. Once you have verified your email address, you can begin linking your social media profiles to Viral Content Bee.
The site currently allows you to integrate with your Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and up to 5 Twitter accounts.


Earning credits


Simply signing up earns you 10 free credits. However, you need to accumulate more credits to upload and maintain multiple projects (your blog posts).
You do this by sharing other people’s blog posts to your audience.
The larger your social media following, the more the points you earn each time you share.
You will note that the site is home to a wide range of content ranging from Blogging tips, Tech to Health and beauty. By selecting your favorite categories, you decide which posts appear at the top of your dashboard.
You want to select posts that are most relevant to your audience and closely related to your niche.

That way, you don’t just share content blindly but offer valuable information to your audience whilst building working relationships with other professionals in your industry.


Redeeming your credits


You use your credits by submitting a project.
To add a project, you’ll need to key in the URL of your blog post, a title, a description, select 3 groups of interest in which it lies and attaches an image (optional).
You also need to allocate a budget to your project.
Each time someone shares your content, they earn credits, which are deducted from your budget. Once the set credits are depleted, your project is paused until you allocate more credits.
Next, you’ll decide which platforms you would like your post to be shared.
Finally, you can submit your project and it goes to the moderation queue. I especially love this part since moderators ensure that only high-quality content is shared on the site.
Upon approval, your content is added to the front page of the dashboard where other bloggers can share it.

As more bloggers create and update their projects, your post will drop further down the pool. By adding 30 credits to it, you can put it back on top.




This feature helps you to control your posting frequency. You don’t want to bore your audience with endless posts as you seek more credits.
You can queue your shares to go live with 15-minute to 24-hour intervals.


The Viral Content Bee Pro Plan


This platform offers you a three-tier pro plan. You can upgrade to a pro plan for a variety of extra benefits including:

• Automatic renewal of credits each month
• The first priority in the moderation queue
• High priority customer support
• Access to the Pro Plan private community
• Automatic submission of new projects by RSS
• Exclusive monthly training including premium courses and checklists.


Tips and Tricks for a Successful VCB Strategy


1. Create high-quality content with captivating visuals
2. Grow your social media following to earn more points each time you share.
3. Interact with bloggers who share your posts (like and thank them). It will help you build valuable relationships with other bloggers including major influencers.
4. Make use of targeted hashtags for Twitter descriptions.
5. Revamp poorly performing posts with new titles, descriptions, and images.


In Conclusion

Viral Content Bee is undoubtedly a great tool to leverage the power of social media and drive more traffic to your blog.
It’s however, not an excuse to stop working on your social media marketing. The fact that the site rewards users with a large social media following means that you need to keep growing your audience.
As long as you maintain high-quality content and implement the mentioned tips and tricks, the traffic and interaction on your blog are on their way to an all-time high.

I would love to hear about your experience with Viral Content Bee. Do you have alternative tips or tools to explode blog traffic? Let me know in the comments section!

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