9 Experts Share their favorite [Top 3] Social Media Tools

(Last Updated On: 5 Apr)

Blogging is not complete without social media. You can’t rely completely on SEO in this changing algorithm world. One has to bring his work in front of every possible audience and social media does this job! So social media is a must if you want to build authority, traffic, and best ROI. When we talk about social media, its always good to know what social media tools we need to use for proper scheduling, engagement etc. I just reached to social media experts to share their top 3 social media tools.


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Michael.Allton – Founder of TheSocialmediaHat

My go-to tool and strongest recommendation for years has been Agorapulse. There’s no other tool that combines the breadth of features with ease of use. Any business would do well to give Agorapulse a trial run, and Agencies in particular will find the team functionality incomparable.

My second-favorite tool is Tailwind. If you’re interested in getting the most out of Pinterest, Tailwind can help you do that. The tool combines scheduling with advanced analysis, as well as a wonderful Tribe feature to help you collaborate with others.

Finally, the third tool that I can’t succeed without is actually Canva. Being able to quickly create sharp images for blog content, or on-the-fly graphics for social media shares, is invaluable.

Tom Augenthaler – Founder of Theinfluencemarketer

Here are my top 3 social media tools:

1. SocialAider

This is a nifty tool I’ve been using lately to manage my social media accounts. Unlike many others, it’s low cost, easy to use and quick to set up. The great thing about it is it allows you to automate all your social media accounts from ONE Dashboard. No more jumping around between different platforms and tools to manage your social media accounts. Also, you can leverage the power of scheduling – this is a big one, especially if you are posting to different time zones using multiple accounts and for multiple clients.

2. Quuu and Quuu Promote

Quuu is a social media tool that “suggests” content for your social media sharing. Now, Quuu Promote, is different in that it lets you promote your content by suggesting it to the regular Quuu users.

How Quuu Promote works:

To promote your content through Quuu Promote, you put together the social media post you want Quuu users to share, and select the interest group (by key word) that your content belongs to. Once you submit it, your post will be reviewed by the Quuu team. Once it is approved, it will be suggested to Quuu users who want content suggestions from that interest group, and then shared on social.

3. Grammarly

If you’re like me and have trouble spelling, then this tool will save your day! Let’s face it, writing copy is part of what most marketers do during the day, and if you’re doing any writing for clients, you’ll want to make sure its error free. Grammarly is super easy to use, valuable because it automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. You can install the app to your browser so it automatically works along with you. You can even install it on Windows.

Jamie Turner – Author, Speaker, and CEO of 60SecondMarketer

I have three favorite social media tools that are indispensable.

The first is Agorapulse, which is a great social media dashboard similar to Hootsuite.

The second is Oktopost, which is another great social media dashboard focused on the higher end B2B market.

And the third is GetResponse, which helps me spread the word to my followers via e-newsletters, webinars, surveys and other digital tools.

All of them help me stay in front of my followers, which helps drive my speaking business and my consulting business.”

Elaine Rau – Founder of Ladybossblogger

If you’re on social media and you’re not AUTOMATING, you’re not being productive with your time. I post on all my channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest at least once DAILY, but I couldn’t do it without the help of my automation tools.

1. Planoly – This is the best tool for scheduling your INSTAGRAM posts. You can upload up to 30 images per month for FREE. I don’t even pay for this software because I only post once daily. Not only is it incredibly important to plan your feed, Planoly also makes it SHOPPABLE so you can start monetizing your gram!

2. Tailwind – This is the best tool for scheduling your PINTEREST posts. According to Pinterest’s Marketing manager, in order to succeed on Pinterest you must have a consistent presence. Pinterest is by far the most generous platform in providing traffic to your blog and each pin can circulate for months and even YEARS unlike other platforms where it gets lost in the feed. Pinterest actually boosts your pin for free if it’s popular so that more people can see it.

3. SmarterQueue – This is the best tool for scheduling your FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LINKEDIN posts. SmarterQueue makes your content EVERGREEN which means that you can queue your content and it will recycle itself every 30, 60 or 90 days depending on how you set it up. This is by far one of the tools that has saved me the most amount of time so I can focus on creating more content without worrying about constantly being on social media to share it.

Gene Armstrong – Founder of BigAppleMedia.com

There are many seo and social media tools I use to help me stay effective. Since I can only mention 3, I want to list three of my favorites.

The first tool I use the most is Hootsuite (you can also use TweetDeck). It’s my main social media dashboard. It helps me monitor all my social media in one place. I also publish and schedule all my posts from a single dashboard which is a huge time saver.

Next tool I use most frequently is ManageFlitter. I use it for cleaning up and managing my Twitter followers. It allows me to quickly add and remove users using a variety of filters. I delete users who don’t follow me, post spam or have been inactive. It also helps me find influential users who publish interesting and relevant content. This helps me keep my Twitter feed clean and spam free.

Finally, I want to mention Dlvr.it. Even though technically I don’t use it every day, this tool is another big time saver. Dlvr.it is an automated social media manager. Similar to IFTTT, it uses rss feed from my site to automatically publish my latest posts to all my social media sites so I don’t have to do it manually. You can also include posts from other users to keep your social media feeds current and up to date.

Janice Wald – Founder of Mostlyblogging.com

What are my top 3 favorite social media tools and why?

1. I love the MissingLettr service. MissingLettr offers free social media promotion. Ben and his team over at MissingLettr write your social media content for you. I can’t begin to tell you how much time that saves me– hours each week. In addition to the social media content, they also provide the applicable hashtags. More information about how to use Missinglettr can be found here: mostlyblogging.com/missinglettr/.

2. I love Buffer. I use both the app and the website many times a day. The app even tells you your top social media posts. I use Buffer for both Twitter and Instagram. More information about how to use Buffer for social media promotion can be found here:mostlyblogging.com/17-reasons-buffer-will-blow-your-mind/.

3. I recommend IFTTT– If this, then that. IFTTT connects your social media accounts so you don’t even have to post! IFTTT posts your content to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook… the combinations are endless. More information about how to use IFTTT to promote your blog content on social media can be found here: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/ifttt/.

Krista Dickson – Founder of Blogbeautifully

My top three social media tools are, in no particular order:

1. Hootsuite

I use Hootsuite for scheduling my Twitter and Facebook posts. It’s a free tool, which is an obvious bonus, and I love that I can see an overview of everything I have scheduled for my various accounts, along with the date and time each post is going out at, all from one main screen.

2. Later

Later is the tool I use for planning and scheduling my Instagram posts. I’ve become obsessed with Instagram this year, and Later makes it sooo much easier to create a beautiful Instagram feed. You simply upload your images to Later, add captions and hashtags, and then choose the dates and times you want each post to publish at. I love that you can create and save “hashtag lists” within Later, so you don’t have to copy and paste in all of your favorite hashtags each time you create a new post. On top of that, the fact that Later shows you a visual overview of what your feed will look like with all of the images you’ve scheduled is game-changing.

3. Tailwind

Since the closure of my long-time favorite Pinterest tool, BoardBooster, I’ve moved over to Tailwind. I don’t completely love the user interface of Tailwind and I find it a bit clunky at times, but there’s no question that my Pinterest account has been growing since I started using it. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins to your Pinterest account, join “tribes” to find relevant content to share, and they’re even introducing a new “Smart Loop” feature soon, which will re-share your account’s most popular content for you.

Angie Gensler – Founder of Angiegensler.com

My three favorite social media tools are Tailwind, SmarterQueue, and a Social Media Content Calendar. I use Tailwind to manage all of my Pinterest activity. Pinterest drives 60% of my website traffic and most of my activity is managed within Tailwind. I can schedule hundreds of Pins in a matter of minutes, connect with other bloggers and expand my reach within Tailwind Tribes, and access robust analytics to improve my Pinterest strategy. Tailwind is a must-have if you want to generate traffic from Pinterest.

My second favorite social media tool is SmarterQueue. I use SmarterQueue to schedule content to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and it’s more affordable and robust than other social media scheduling tools. I love that SmarterQueue allows me to categorize my posts and create a custom schedule for each social media channel. Plus, posts can easily be recycled which means your queue of social media posts never runs dry!

My third favorite social media tool is a social media content calendar (SMCC). I created my first SMCC five years ago when I managed the social media channels for the company I worked for. The SMCC completely transformed my experience with posting content. Instead of struggling for hours figuring out what to post, I could get all my social media posts written and scheduled for the week in 15 minutes. To learn how to do this for your own business read: How to Create and Use a Social Media Content Calendar.

Lisa Sicard – Founder of Inspiretothrive

Here are my favorite tools

1. The Buffer App – I love using this one to schedule all my posts for myself and clients. Recently they added emojis you can upload right in the buffer – great for Instagram and Twitter. You can be more consistent with scheduling posts via the Buffer. Even Instagram you can do from it without relying on your phone only to upload images! You can also plan ahead for days you are not on the computer meeting with clients or taking a day off.

2. IFTTT – I love this for sharing Instagram photos right on to Twitter that people can see in the Twitter feed. I like seeing tweets from my neighborhood to keep up with local peeps. There are many more options too with this tool that I haven’t even explored yet but read about. They offer so many fun and useful recipes for the social networks to help automate the process for you.

3. Triberr – This program is for bloggers -it uploads your RSS feed and every time you publish a new post others share from the tribe. I share others posts from Triberr almost daily and it’s a great to connect with others in a like industry. You can pick and choose which social networks you want to share with as well by individual tribes.

Thanks to all the Experts who shared their Top social media tools.