Top 5 Best Domain Name Registrars 2019

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In today’s digital world, it is critical that any serious business have a presence on the internet. It has been estimated that one out of every 7 people in the world own a mobile device, tablet, or smartphone and that out of these 80% prefer to conduct their business online. One can see how having a firmly established presence is a key part to the success of the business. 

Driving traffic to your site or blog is the domain name you have chosen for your business. Understanding how to choose a domain name for your business may be the difference between success and failure.

Domain names vs. Subdomain name

In order to pick the best domain name for your business, you need to understand the difference between a domain name and a subdomain name. This is especially useful if your site is based in wordpress or a web building site.

What is a domain ?

Domains are unique locators for a website. For example: sends you to their site. The same is true for . These are the domains of the site. Now, there are several different clients (both paid and free) under the wordpress domain. This is where you get the subdomain.

A subdomain is an extension of the domain and points to a specific location within the domain. eg

The domain is the pointer and the subdomain is the category.When looking at choosing a domain for your business, it is imperative that you understand the difference between a domain and subdomain.Domains are easier to find, subdomains are not. The reason for this is that subdomains were never intended to be the main locator for your site/business. That is why they are subs.

Should a business buy a custom domain name?

Businesses should make it a point to purchase a domain name that is unique to the business. As stated, subdomains are harder to find. If your business site was made in a program such as WordPress, then you have to purchase a domain name in order to keep you from being lost in the sea of similar sites.

Where to buy a domain?

There are several different sites that offer web domains. Keep in mind when purchasing a domain name that these are not permanent purchases. You are buying the domain name (and the subdomains that you can make from it) for a given amount of time.

5 Best Domain Name Registrars to buy custom domain name for your business


best domain registrar 2019



This site offers you the option of buying a domain or to make an offer to the current owner of a domain. The website is set up to offer the domain for a year  by paying a rate that is dependent upon the popularity of the domain which you want to purchase. For example:If you were looking to buy (which would get more traffic as it is similar to facebook) you would pay more than say .


This site offers hosting as well as FTP space for the website. There is a startup cost for the domain and hosting, but there are options where you can purchase the domain for a year, two years, or more. Hosting can be set up on a month to month basis.

Checkout the best offers from Godaddy

This site offers extensive domain names and transfer of your domain name in 4 easy steps. They also offer premium domains, bulk domain registration, and domain expiration protection.


This site offers domain hosting starting at $.99 per year depending on the domain desired. Private domain registration is also available from 1&1. Again, as the popularity of the domain goes up so does the site.

This site offers an extensive list of premium domains that are available for purchase. They also offer transfer assistance and pricing starting from $3.99. The site also allows you to search your desired domain to see if it is available. In case, where your domain is already being used they will assist in making an offer for that domain.

Most of these sites offer very similar services. The key is to ensure that your domain is secured.Picking a custom domain for your business is not a hard task. Pick something that is unique to your business and free of generalities.
Second, secure your domain for at least a year to ensure that your business does not have any issues with availability.

Finally, look for the company that can best represent all the digital needs of your company (such as hosting options, FTP, Domain, corporate emails, etc.) as many will offer you a discount for using their services.

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