8 Tips on Making Your Social Media Content Shine

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As a social media manager, you are constantly asking yourself how you can develop and share your content in a fun and interactive way. There are multiple ways of creating shareable content on social media-but there is an equally greater chance of getting stuck in a creative rut!

You’ve certainly pondered over questions like:

How can I make my social media content stand out?

How can I share this content in a creative way?

What are some of the latest social media features on content marketing?

To help you answer these and other countless questions you might have, below are tips on making your social media content shine. 


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Your Target Audience Matters

It is easy to think about things you feel your social media audience should know-places they should visit or where they should invest their money in. All these are good ideas right? But there is a problem-you are not alone!

There are thousands-possibly millions of social media marketers trying to divert attention from your content. These marketers will post content on food, celebrity videos and latest movies. All these are hot topics.

To create outstanding social media content, think less about yourself and more about your audience. Think about what they want to hear and how they interpret your social media content. Social media gurus do it all the time and that’s why people look up to them for business inspiration.

Create a Video

create video

Another way of making your social media content stand out is by creating videos. People are more attracted to what they can see right? Creating video content from scratch also tends to enhance your portfolio as a social media manager. Below are a few video ideas you can implement:



Customer feedbacks

Product announcement

User-generated content

Business announcements and milestones

You actually don’t need fancy video tool to get you started. What you need to understand is that most social media platforms auto-play video content without sound.

By adding captions to your video content, users can still understand it without necessarily turning on the sound.

Use Self-explanatory Images

Let’s be honest. Using images on social media has kind of become a norm. This ideally means that your social media content will be just like the rest. To stand out, you need to go a step further.

A self-explanatory image is able to capture a certain idea or concept with people not having to click on a certain link in order to access the rest of the info.

Quality stock photos on the other hand tend to be too abstract. When choosing a self-explanatory image for your social media content, ask yourself:

Is the image making any sense at all without the captions?

Has the image captured the relevant content?

Would I be excited about sharing this content myself?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then you have yourself the perfect self-explanatory image.

Using Charts or Graphs

charts and graphs

Let’s be honest! We are not in class anymore. The idea of using charts and graphs is not a pleasant one! But it sure does make your social media content shine. What you need to do is turning key findings in your content to charts and graphs.

This way, your target audience can easily learn the key findings of your content by just studying the chart.

Next time you have some content to share about your business or industry, see if it possible to turn some of the statistics into charts and graphs.

This activity is easier said than done, but Google Sheets happens to be an amazing tool creating charts and graphs from statistical data.

Organize a Social Contest in Your Content

social contest

Another amazing way of making your social media content stand out is through social contest. For example, if you are a business, you can organize a social contest once the business reaches a certain milestone. This strategy gives your content some ‘swag’ and tends to generate more user engagement from your followers on social media.

Here are some ideas you can invite your friends to participate in.


Tag a friend

Share post

Tweet the hashtag

Use a branded hashtag to post a photo

The key to organizing a successful social contest is that you should have free giveaways. These could be in the form of gift vouchers or free products.

Add Emojis or Symbols


Sharing emojis is easy and fun. You should definitely try it. There is no doubt that emojis have become synonymous with social media language. Using emojis helps you connect and engage with your audience in a much better way.

But here is the catch! You need to figure out if using emojis is in line with your brand image.

Ask a Question or for Help

However simplistic this might sound, asking for help is an amazing way of making your social media content shine. Unfortunately, not many people understand the power of asking for help when creating social media content.

Look at it this way! People naturally love to help others-especially individuals or brands they identify with.

If you ask for help at the end of your social media posts, you will be blown away by the kind of response such a post will generate.

Attach a GIF

In the recent past, there has been growing success when people use GIFs on their social media content. Instead of sharing your post along with an image, use a GIF that is funny instead.

The secret behind GIF’s success is because they often stand out among the stream of social media posts thereby catching the users’ attention.

When developing social media content, it is not all about passing the message that matters. Ask yourself what attracts the audience to that particular message-and not the rest. If you are too hung up on yourself and not the user-then you are doing it all wrong.

Try to be funny and stay on top of trendy topics. Even when your content targets a certain demographic group, try and think outside the box.

When posting, be funny and assertive at the same time. Make it look like when the audience reads your post, they are interacting with your directly.

Final Words 

Social media content is no kids’ play.

You might be proactive and put enormous efforts in your SM content but without all these, you are just creating everyday stuff that invites little or no audience.

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