Smart ways to Build Backlinks to your Website [Excluding Guest blogging]

(Last Updated On: 26 May)

Backlinks are very important factor to improve your blog / site working performance. It helps to explore your site to different networks, promote your site and connect your site to valuable networks. Thus it plays a major role to add traffic to your site. Most of the bloggers always think how to generate or build backlinks?

I am writing this post to explain various ways which will help you generate quality backlinks to your site.

What does quality backlink means?

The reputation of the website which link to your website decides the quality of the backlinks. Search engines looks at backlinks and accordingly it evaluates popularity of the website and gives it a rank.

So let’s start and see how we can generate backlinks?

Below given are some methods which helps you how to get build backlinks to your website

Press Releases

In order to get high quality backlinks you have to get a press release written and get it distributed to thousands of different news and press sites. If your press release is well written and is of super quality then it may be picked up by websites like New York Times and USA Today, this will give you super quality backlink for free.

Submitting press release to each individual site would be a hectic task so try to use a distribution service. PRWeb is a similar service which provides you track record and is recommended by SEO experts.

Product Testimonials

Write testimonials for the products and services you have used. It’s a good opportunity that must be grabbed, it will give a big advantage to you if your testimonial is selected and displayed in the website then you will get a backlink.

Yes, testimonials always contains link of the person who writes it to make the testimonial genuine. Always try to write testimonials, reviews for all the things that you have used online and submit it to that website. If your testimonial is genuine and honest then it will be selected for sure.

Social Bookmarks

Backlinks from high Page Rank sites is pleasurable but it gives you more pleasure when it is FREE. Social Bookmarking allows us to save our favorite bookmarks online to read later.

It also gives us a free backlink. You can use for social bookmarking because it will bookmark your address to 25 different social bookmarking sites for free. Social bookmarking sites helps to promote your business too.

RSS Directories

You would have heard of RSS Directories for sure. RSS Directories help people to explore different blogs and website on a particular topic. Submitting your website to RSS Directory will generate backlink to you.

You can use Fast RSS Submitter to submit your website to RSS directories automatically. Fast RSS Submitter will submit your RSS feeds to over 100 RSS directories automatically, saving you a lot of time.

Article Submissions

This is again an important method for link building. The myth with article submission is that it does not work. It does work and works pretty well but you need to do article submissions in large amount.

Article submission is the best way to rank any primary keyword in the 1st position. Submitting few articles doesn’t work, do lots of submission and see your results. Keep submitting till you hit the number 1 position. Submitting articles is also a hectic task so you can use Article Marketing Robot. This software works fantastic.

Link Bait

What is link bait? It is content that is so useful, super quality and powerful. People are compelled to share it naturally.

If you publish effective content that people enjoy while reading then they will definitely share it, like it and tweet it. You will get ranked for lot of keywords. Concentrate on link bait and do it consistently, if you are able to do that then your readers and visitors will do a big ratio of your link building process.


You can always use these methods depending upon your time and budget (if you want to use pro-software). Your creativity matters a lot and your dedication towards your blog and website will lead you to generate high quality backlinks in great volume.

So, what strategy do you use to build links for your site? 

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