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Summary : This is my honest SiteGround hosting review after using their service for my wordpress blog [] for more than a year. SiteGround is affordable and their support system are great that i opted for their hosting. Additionally their free SSL has safely made my site to work with https.

                                                                 Rating : 4.8

siteground hosting review

SiteGround Hosting Review – A Recommended Web host for Beginners

Be it a business or an organization, you’re not at your best until you have a full-fledged website .

I am a big fan of Hostgator as its user interface is easy plus they offer coupons which saves my hosting charges. But one great drawback with them is their customer support which is not satisfactory.

Though i host one of my site still with them, i searched for a much better host for my bloggingtek site.

I read many reviews about various host and landed upon SiteGround.

I had a chat with their customer support and finally took a decision to host with them.To my surprise, I found it extraordinary and finally signed up for a full pledged hosting plan.

SiteGround Coupon offer (Exclusive) : Get 60% off on all hosting plans

Whenever i host my site, i used to look for three great factors in the hosting service

  • Affordable hosting price
  • Speed
  • Customer Support

SiteGround satisfies the above three factors

Pros of Siteground Hosting

1. Affordable pricing

Siteground hosting plans

As you can see they offer 3 hosting plans startup, growbig and gogeek. The pricing seems better compared to hostgator and wpengine (both have great names, but pricey) .

Siteground offers same features similar to them but at an affordable price. The startup plan starts just at $6.99/month. When we feel to upgrade, we can do it. Siteground offers such a flexible option.

Note : SiteGround does not offer free domain. Hence buy a domain from Godaddy or Namecheap and point it to SiteGround. You have to change nameservers for proper propagation.

2. Speed

If our website loads slowly, its likely that the visitor may abandon the site and opt for our competitors. So i always look in to the speed factor in a hosting service.

Moreover Google has announced that speed of a website is an important ranking factor. SiteGround does its work. Irrespective of the selected plans, the speed remains uniform even tho startup package has the same speed.

This is because, SiteGround has data centers situated in Netherlands,Chicago and Singapore. In fact this site runs on startup plan.

3. Good customer support

For a good hosting service, customer support plays a pivotal role. Though i prefer Hostgator for my sites, most of the time their customer support sucks. But i didn’t had this problem with SiteGround.

When i had problem with a plugin,my site crashed. I totally felt upset. I just ping at the customer support.

Within few seconds, a representative responded and within a minute he found the problem. And he resolved the issue and the site went live within few minutes.

I never expected such a fast response. They stand in number one position in providing customer support.

Other features which attracted me to opt for SiteGround

1. SiteGround Https

Recently Google chrome has made updates to show only safe sites(i.e https sites) For this one has to purchase ssl certificate. Siteground offers free ssl certificate (That’s a great news!) Now i have free ssl certificate but how to switch my http site to https?)

Now i started thinking what and all things i should do now?

  • Install an SSL on my hosting account
  • Adding some codes to my .htaccess file to force the SSL usage
  • Then fixing mixed content issues

How terrible! Hey don’t worry!

SiteGround has come up with a great solution. A magical “Force HTTPS” click can be made with its wordpress plugin.

The plugin was formerly called as SG CachePress,used to configure WordPress cache system.Now it is called by the name SG Optimizer that has the option to force HTTPS.

SG Optimizer does three things

  • It automatically configures WordPress to use the already installed SSL.
  • It forces all the traffic to go through encrypted connection to avoid any possible duplicate content issues
  • The optimizer manually fixes all those resources that we have included in posts, widgets, themes while using old http.

Sounds easy?

Note – New WordPress installs already run via HTTPS (so if you are just starting out you are lucky man!)

2. Easy user interface (like SiteGround cpanel and wordpress installation)

I always prefer WordPress. The SiteGround control panel offers One click WordPress Install which is very simple and straightforward.

I have written an article on “How to Start a WordPress Blog on SiteGround” which you may find useful.

And one more thing to add, one of my site has been transferred to Site Ground servers at zero cost.

You heard it right ! Zero cost.

I contacted one of their representative, who made this migration free of cost. That’s an added advantage if you want to shift to SiteGround from your old server.

3. SiteGround Hosting Backup features

SiteGround has redesigned 1-click backup restore tool and added a new option for instant backup creation on demand. Hosting backup is like website insurance.

User errors, hacks, deleted files, or website updates gone wrong, all can be instantly solved with a backup restore.

Siteground review - backup features

Cons of Siteground Hosting

Things are not bullet proof.Siteground has downsides too.

Limited Storage Space upfront

Though siteground provides seamless flexibility we face the limited storage issue . But the good news is that they are working on it and expanding themselves .

Renewal prices are high

The initial prices are affordable just like with any other hosting but the renewals are quite high. If your budget is tight, you have to think about this issue. 

Free domain 

Most of the hosting services offer free domain for their customers but Siteground doesn’t offer any free domain. The domain price is around so you need to buy a domain from godaddy or namecheap to save these charges

Shared server timeout

Another problem that might bother a little is that the shared server timeout time is 30 seconds. But that’s inevitable for most of the services out there too.

Comparison of Siteground with Other Web Hosts

Siteground vs Bluehost

Siteground is the Best for Managed WordPress hosting. However If you are looking for alternative web hosting, you can use Bluehost

Bluehost is opted for following reasons.

  • One of the recommended host by WordPress.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy to use control panel.

SiteGround vs Hostgator

Yet another recommended host by WordPress is Hostgator. In fact I am still hosting one of my site with hostgator.

Why to go with hostgator?

  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy user interface
  • Excellent security features.
  • Availability of hostgator hosting coupon codes to save on hosting!

The only drawback with hostgator is their customer support is not much good compared to Siteground.

Siteground vs Godaddy

Though Godaddy is well known for domain registration, it has expanded to provide hosting, email services and web storage. They have easy user interface.

Their prices are good, provide discounts like 1 dollar hosting, 1 dollar domains, discounts on ssl.

The downside of GoDaddy is they charge extra fees for backup & restore (which are free on SiteGround) .

The overall pricing is good for Siteground compared to Godaddy especially if you opt 3 years plan (60% discount on initial sign up) and free ssl. once again customer support is not that awesome as Siteground.Some had good experience with godaddy hosting.

Is Siteground the right choice for your WordPress blog?

To my experience , its better to purchase domain from godaddy and host it on Siteground or Hostgator. (Bluehost is an exception, as it already provides a free domain when you sign up)

Siteground arguably offers the best WordPress hosting out there and will save you a lot of worries. It is particularly a viable option if you want to bother less with technicalities and focus more on blogging or growing your site.

One important thing to consider, like any other web hosting the renewal price are high with Siteground nor they provide renewal coupon. So its better to go for yearly plan (especially 3 years plans to save more) and don’t opt for monthly plans.

To sum up

I am having good experience with SiteGround so far. To start with, one can opt for startup plan and we can upgrade at any time.

If you still in dilemma and wish to check their service, you can try their one month free trial.

** Get Started with SiteGround **

Are you hosting your WordPress site with SiteGround? What’s your experience with them? Do share in comments.

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