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siteground review

SiteGround Hosting Review

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Be it a business or an organization, you’re not at your best until you have a full-fledged website . But just putting a web-page somewhere won’t do any good. You need a perfectly tailored package to suit your Oh so cool website .You need a web hosting service serving with speed , precision and security for whom it’s passion , a craft. SiteGround hosting service comes first in that case.

SiteGround, ranked as the number one hosting service by is a top notch web hosting solution, hosts more than quarter of a million domains and manages thousands of servers across USA, Europe and Asia. It is one of the recommended Host by WordPress

Whether it is a business or a blog, SiteGround is good to go with major Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla and provides incomparable technical support for customer satisfaction with high end security. Well, there are a number of Hosting Service providers spread all around with more or less the features those SiteGround has.

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Pros Of Siteground Hosting

SiteGround Pricing

It’s not hard to find an outrageous number of Startup business or blog who stepped into the queer online world of stiff competition and soon they felt like fish out of water. Because,they had no more space to grow. They couldn’t expand when they needed. So, they ended up in the agonizing pain of failure. What they needed to turn their way around was just a flexible package, So they could grow themselves on an unlimited scale. SiteGround in this case is a saviour because of it’s super elasticity. Provided that the fact that anyone can start with a tiny package (like Startup plan) for the startup and can turn themselves to ecommerce giants when they think it’s time. SiteGround is unique for this feature.

siteground pricing

SiteGround Domain

Siteground offers a free domain with every hosting package . This free domain is valid for one year and you have to renew it for the subsequent years. siteground domain renewal cost is usually bit higher compared to the popular domain registrars like godaddy or namecheap.

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Say you made a catchy website, done lots of SEO and tons of advertisements. But, hey! where’s the traffic ? People doesn’t come back to your site .Why? Because , your beautifully designed super sleek site is too slow to load. It’s the reason a great number of websites fails to draw traffic and loses both their money and effort miserably. Poor server speed results in this failure.Those hosting sites doesn’t have enough data centers and bandwidth.

SiteGround outperforms all other sloth speed shared hosting services.They doesn’t differentiate on the customer’s expense.Even the customer with smallest package can get the same speed for their sites. Because, SiteGround has data centers situated in Netherlands,Chicago and Singapore.

SiteGround Help (Real Time Support)

How many times you were stuck up by problem and hit on the support panel thousands of times but what you got in return is just an auto-reply to ruin your already spoiled mood. Believe it or not, SiteGround provides best web hosting customer service and assistance. You get the solution provided by the real people working hard to pay back for your trust. SiteGround have 80 live chat channels to provide instant support apart from the support ticket.

The latest survey shows the average waiting time for response is 1:45 seconds !!! Can you expect a response that soon anywhere else? If response doesn’t satisfy you have another boom.The average resolution time is 11:45 seconds !!! They know how to keep the customers happy .

WordPress installation and smooth transition

Most of the sites now a days are made with the most famous Content Management System WordPress. Sometimes website owners want to transfer their sites to new servers.But for most of the Hosting service providers that’s a big no no. Site Ground is 100% trustworthy in that matter.Not only the transition is seamless,you can do that without the risk of losing any data. It has another cool feature which is their One click WordPress Install.It’s not just finished here,you get the full support to set-up and run your fully functional WordPress site on their servers.

Moreover the SiteGround cPanel is easy to use and add features

Siteground cpanel demo

These are the upfront features which makes SiteGround to stand ahead of other hosting services .

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Things are not bullet proof. SiteGround has downsides too.

Limited Storage Space upfront

Though Site Ground provides seamless flexibility we face the limited storage issue . But the good news is that they are working on it and expanding themselves .

Shared server timeout

Another problem that might bother a little is that the shared server timeout time is 30 seconds. But that’s inevitable for most of the services out there too.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, we get the full picture here . One gets a high speed and flexible hosting server to easily maintain WordPress and easy upgrade option with seamless customer support but few storage issues. So, which seems better? Sloth-speed,rigid structure,self burdening management and annoying auto-reply ?or Super-speed,flexible,programmed features and seamless support with minimal issue ? If you’re up for the later Sign up now for SiteGround. You can just give it try with the start-up plan and expand anytime you want.

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