SiteGround vs Bluehost vs Hostgator for WordPress

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SiteGround, Bluehost and Hostgator are top 3 best web hosting services. But which one to choose for your wordpress blog? Let’s compare and find out which is best! I have rated them based on their Uptime, Affordability, Customer Support , Ease with WordPress installation and Addons

If you are a newbie blogger who is looking for a best web hosting service to host your WordPress blog, you need to consider 3 basic things

Affordability – It should be cheap

Easy user interface – devoid of complex procedures

Customer support – your problem should be solved as early as possible

Based on the above criteria, i landed up with 3 web hosting services – SiteGround, Hostgator and Bluehost.


Top 3 Web hosting for WordPress : SiteGround vs Bluehost vs Hostgator


#1 SiteGround                                          Rating 5.0


siteground wordpress hosting

SiteGround occupies the position 1 due to its affordability, speed and great customer support. I always recommend SiteGround hosting for new bloggers (not so techie) as they can find the cpanel user friendly. Whenever they encounter some technical problems, they are solved within minutes by support team. Though it’s bit pricey, Siteground is worth trying for hosting your blog. 

SiteGround offers 60% discount for new bloggers/customers.


#2 Bluehost                                            Rating 4.8


best web hosting service for wordpress - bluehost

One of the recommended host by wordpress occupies position 2 in the list. They are equally affordable like that of SiteGround. Easy wordpress installation, user friendly interface plus they offer a free domain (that’s great! But the domain renewal fees is bit pricey) Their customer support is good.

Bluehost offers 60% discount on all hosting plans            


#3  Hostgator                                           Rating 4.7


hostgator webhosting

Hostgator occupies the position 3. They are affordable (hey there are pretty cool Hostgator discount coupons !). Their user interface is easy to handle, infact i hosted my first website with Hostgator! First i tried their trial plan, later i switched to full annual plan as i found it easy and great!

The only drawback it has is their Customer support is not up to the standard.if you are not tech savvy and run into any issues, you need to wait for hours to get it solved

Hostgator is still user friendly for new bloggers.

You can use this discount link to get 70% off on your hosting plan at Hostgator.


All the above 3 hosting services have good speed and uptime. Their security features are great though they come with different prices. They don’t involve much technical things, that’s why they can be opted by new bloggers/webmasters. If you are a beginner, thinking to start a wordpress blog , choose any one of the above hosting service.


Following are few basic things you need to understand about hosting services

Basics about Hosting

What is  Web Hosting?

All digital data needs a home or a host. Website pages and data are akin to personal files on your computer like music, pdfs, and videos. Your computer’s hard disk provides a home for your personal data to reside in but for a website, a web host offers this server.

A website host, therefore, offers a server which is essentially a computer that holds site data and information making it available to anyone. This action of providing a server where websites can reside is what is called web hosting. Hosting companies offer various accompanying services to website owners to secure their loyalty and attract new clients such as frequent malware scanning and maintenance.

What is Shared web hosting

A server, being a computer, has a given amount of processing power and memory and hosting companies strive for optimal use of server resources by combining many sites into one server. Shared web hosting is, therefore, the situation where a company offering hosting services combines different websites in one server to maximize server us.

Shared hosting is ideal for starter websites that are not resource-intensive since it is cheap.However, the problem is that one site can hog all the memory and processing power, starving other sites. This results in slower load times where some sites may even go offline entirely.

What do you mean by VPS hosting

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It is better compared to shared hosting though it costs more. For VPS hosting, only a limited number of websites are hosted on a single server; typically, between 10-20. The computing resources of the server are split evenly among the resident websites.

If a server has ten websites, 500GB hard drive space and 20GB of RAM; each website will get 50GB hard disk allocation and 2GB of RAM. If any website exceeds its resources, the website goes down or reduces in performance.

VPS hosting provides the advantage of equality in sharing server resources. One website’s issues can, therefore, not affect other sites on the server. Furthermore, since websites are hosted individually, there is more freedom and flexibility for the owner to make desired changes.

What is Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting nullifies any neighbor concerns because your site gets access to the whole server. All server resources are dedicated to one website. It is ideal for busy, resource-intensive websites that demand high computing power. It offers the advantage of customization, in that you can affect any change on your site.

The downside is that you might have to learn some computing since most hosting companies tend to be somewhat less concerned once you decide torent the entire server. Additionally, it is more expensive.

Do you know about Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the future and it can be likened to VPS hosting. Instead of being allocated particular resources, you are given the flexibility to use as much computing power as you need at any given time from multiple networked servers. Cloud hosting is more scalable compared to VPS,and many hosting companies are shifting towards it since it offers more security and easier maintenance.

With the above knowledge at your fingertips, you can prudently choose the appropriate web hosting service that suits your needs regardless of whether you are a new website owner, or an existing owner looking to upgrade.

Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator for WordPress
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