Top Considerations for Solopreneurs Before Pursuing a Side Hustle in Blogging 

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I’ve been blogging for 15 years now. I’m a professional blogger! However, earlier before becoming a blogger, I used to be a computer hardware technician. I owned a repair shop. 

It took more than seven years for me to become a full-time blogger from a 9 to 5 computer mechanic. 

This transition wasn’t easy for me. During these seven years, I had to go through all the rough patches before I finally became a successful blogger. 

The real aim behind writing this article is soloprenuers like you don’t have to go through the same hardships that I went through. 

My personal experience will make things easier for you. 


The following are Eight essential considerations before pursuing blogging as a side hustle. 


#1 Objective of Blogging: For Real Income or Just Having an Online Profile 

Why do you want to create a blog? Your objective must be clear. 

Is your objective is to make money or want to have an online profile as other people have on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter?

If your objective is not making money, then I would say pursuing blogging as a side hustle is a total waste of time. 

Prepare yourself mentally that you will go all the way up in blogging and receive your first $1000 check from Google someday and not being end up with a one-page website.  


#2 Patience Is a Virtue: As Nothing is Going to Come Overnight 

This point is critical. Do not expect to become rich overnight. I know many solopreneurs start blogging under the impression that they are going to earn millions of dollars in a short time. 

But this is a lie. Blogging takes time, even years before you start generating any substantial revenue. Initially, your expectations shouldn’t be high. When I started, I had to work for years to develop my website and get some traffic to it. 

However, over time, you can earn a considerable amount of money each month. 


#3 Objectivity: Finding a Right Niche

When I started blogging, it was relatively easy to make money. However, now a day making money through blogging, especially with Google Adsense (forget about affiliate marketing,) is quite tricky. 

The reason is the objectivity of your niche. Earlier you could have written a few irrelevant articles and, Google would have paid you. But now your readers must able to relate to the content you are publishing on your website. 

Readers must be able to make out what exactly you are writing. For example, if your blog is about vegan cooking, then articles must give information mainly about vegan food and not other irrelevant topics. 

In other words, the niche must target and laser-focused, so your audience can relate to it. If your blog lacks objectivity, then it is going to fail.     


#4 Creativity: Creating Imaginative Content 

This point is an extension of my last point. Once you know the exact niche of your blog, you got to create content accordingly. 

Content must be unique, refreshing, informative, but most importantly must solve the reader’s problem. 

Content is King here, and you can’t compromise on it. A back and forth conversation with your reader is a must, which will help you creating content keeping your audience in mind. 

Initially, solopreneurs have to spend a lot of time on creating content. 


#5 Adaptability: Being Able to Learn and Implement Technical Accepts of Blogging  

Creating content is an art, but promoting is a science. In blogging, just creating great content is not enough unless you can market it. You could’ve written one of the best blog posts about losing weight, but it is of no use if you don’t get people to read it. 

Hence you have to learn SEO and many other techniques to promote your blog. Only then will you be able to beat your competition. 

Before pursuing blogging as a side hustle, you must prepare yourself to learn so many technical aspects of blogging. 


#6 Assessment: Where is Your Blogging Headed?  

Right Niche + Great Content + SEO = Success. If your blog’s niche has a target audience, content is great, and you are implementing proper SEO techniques, then your blog is going to get huge traffic daily. 

By now, you will be able to generate revenue consistently. If you see growth potential in revenue, then continue what you are doing. 

However, what if even after putting so much effort, you didn’t get expected results. What are you going to do next?

Are you going to give another try and see where you have failed? 

Or you are going to quit blogging altogether. You have to assess the situation and make a decision.    


#7 Are You Reading for Making a Transition?   

If you can generate consistent revenue from blogging, then you can think of making a transition as I did. 

In 4 years since I started blogging, I was able to break even, and in the coming few months, I was earning way more from blogging than my computer hardware repair shop. 

So I decided to quit my technician job and give full time to my blogging career. And soon, I was earning 10-12 times from blogging than a technician job. 

You have to prepare yourself mentally to make a decision.  


#8 Failure: Accept it and Move Ahead   

Finally, after doing all of this, if your blogging seems to be going nowhere, then you don’t have to get disappointed.

You can quit blogging altogether and move ahead with your job, which you have been currently doing. Failure is quite normal here. 

9 out of 10 blogger fails. Don’t take it to your heart.  


So these were few top considerations you need to keep in mind before you pursue blogging as a side hustle. I hope after reading this, you will be able to make the right decision and avoid going through the same pain that I did.


About the Author :

Mitali Roy is passionate about blogging and writing. She fondly calls it “the art of words”. She is unique and so is her content. Blogging about education and career on OnlineJobsAcademy is something that she loves doing.



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