Self hosted and Free – Which is better ?

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25% or more of the internet is powered by WordPress. If you are looking to set up a website for your business, most of the people would recommended WordPress. However, there are two sites where wordpress is available. and So What is the difference? Which is better for your website? Let’s take a look. and compared is used by many people to create a starter blog. The reason? Because it is free and easy. allows you to create a website in minutes.

It is free to create the site, and you can choose from a collection of attractive looking themes to use. Within minutes you can be publishing your content and monitoring analytics all from your portal.

If you are hoping to make a more unique and personalized website, then that is possible too. These changes however come at a price. has several premium packages which have added features.The added features include a personal domain, more storage, more customization power, eCommerce integration, and much more.

As you can imagine, the more features you want, the higher the price tag. So in reflection, allows you to easily and quickly create your site. The basic features are all free, but with added control comes a price.

How to Create a Blog with

Here you have to download the WordPress software, find your own hosting like Hostgator  or Siteground , need to install plugins, themes and manage them all. This means that there is a lot more work involved, but, you have complete control over your website.

The costs of running a site will vary, you will have to pay for the domain hosting, special themes, plugins etc. However, if you are going to be creating a highly customized site, then will work out cheaper in the long run, since the subscriptions can get expensive fast.

How to Create a Blog with

Comparison of the Blogging Platforms

To us an illustration, if you want a table in your house you have two options. You can either buy a pre-made Ikea table, or you can buy some wood, some nails and a hammer. With the Ikea table, you can still paint it, and move it to different locations, but with the wood and nails, you can create any table you like. This is the difference between the two wordpress options.

With you are essentially stuck with what they provide, with you are free to create whatever you need, down to the small details. vs Pros

1.Easy and fast to use. Perfect for those with little software knowledge.
2.The basic packages are all free. So you can have a basic web presence at zero cost.
3.You are able to customize things in a very simple way, they provide hand holding through all the processes. Cons

1.The more control you want over your site, the more it will cost. Packages can become expensive
2.You cannot access all the themes and plugins
3.If you plan on making your website larger and larger for a long period of time, removing the limitations will cost you.
4.You have to pay to remove adverts from your blog. Pros

1.Complete control over your site. You can change everything and anything you want, all the time.
2.You have access to the huge wordpress community that provides themes, plugins and other great services.  3.Downloading the software is free
4.Many of the plugins and themes are free, and can boost your business.
5.If you require advanced features, is much cheaper than to operate. Cons

1.Requires more knowledge to be able to use successfully.
2.You have to arrange for hosting yourself.
3.Long term management of the servers, and site maintenance can take up lot of time.

Which is better or

Summing up, if you are able to understand how to use, then it is definitely the best option for building a new site. The issue that exists with is that you are severely limited in your scope. Most people want their own url, they want the freedom to add or remove anything from their site.

As your business grows, it makes more sense to have the flexibility in your site to accommodate the changes. if you plan on running a long term blog, or website, then will always have all the tools you need. overall is the better choice, since modern day blogs and websites require as much customization as is possible,since you want your site to stand out above the rest.

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