How To Use Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

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Sales funnels have become a hot topic when it comes to online businesses nowadays.

However, many people don’t realize the power of sales funnels when used with affiliate marketing.

So today we are going to dive deeper into this subject as it can help you:

  • Generate more leads.
  • Make more commissions.
  • And even increase your conversions.

Pretty cool right?

So let’s continue on now.

Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

There are actually many ways to combine sales funnels for affiliate marketing.

However, I want to focus on two of the most powerful types of sales funnels…

Starting with lead generation.

Affiliate Lead Generation

Just like many online businesses, you need leads when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Enter the sales funnel (keep in mind, sales funnels aren’t only for making sales).

This is actually a very simple process to set up as you will only need two pages:

  1. Squeeze page.
  2. Thank you page.

A squeeze page is simply a page that asks for an email in exchange for a free gift.

This free gift is also known as a lead magnet and is something that your targeted audience really wants.

Examples of a lead magnet can include:

  • PLR.
  • Case study.
  • Templates.
  • PDF report.
  • Cheatsheet.
  • Video training.
  • And so on and so forth.

It’s pretty simple stuff.

Here is a great example of a squeeze page for you.

squeeze page

Then after someone enters their email, two things happen:

  1. They get their first email followup.
  2. Then they get taken to the thank you page.

The thank-you page is pretty simple (especially as an affiliate marketer).

Here are the key aspects of a thank you page that I have had success with:

  • A headline which usually says “Congratulations!”
  • A video which talks about the emails they will get and how to download their free gift
  • Lastly, I have a link or button to a recommended resource (which can be an affiliate link).

As I said, it’s pretty simple.

The best part is that you have the opportunity to monetize this page if you like.

That will allow you to help recoup some ad spend (if you’re going in the paid advertising direction).

Now let’s move onto the last powerful sales funnel used for affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Bridge Pages

Affiliate bridge pages are also sometimes referred to as:

  • Presell pages.
  • Or even bonus pages.

These are pages that can either:

  • Presell your audience.
  • Review a product, offer, or service.
  • And even add bonuses when promoting an offer.

Heck, it can do all 3 of things at the same time.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing and you’re not leveraging affiliate bridge pages?

You’re losing out.

Big time.

After all, by not utilizing affiliate bridges potentially means:

  • Your conversions will be severely lower.
  • Or even worse, your audience will most likely buy through a competitor.

Face it, affiliate marketing is getting more competitive today.

So how do you stand out as an affiliate from all of the noise and nonsense out there?

Once again, affiliate bridge pages.

Here are the important aspects that you’ll want to leverage when it comes to bridge pages.


This goes at the top of the page and is actually the most important part of the page.

Chances are that if your audience doesn’t like what they see for the headline?

Then they will probably just X out on the page altogether.

So make sure that you test your headlines (just like if it was a sales letter).


While not 100% mandatory, I prefer going the extra mile and making a video too.

  • It’s more personal.
  • Sometimes people prefer watching videos.
  • The majority of your competition doesn’t want to do it.

And the final bullet point should be reason enough to create a video, right? 🙂

In the video, you will go over things such as:

  • The product, offer, or service you are recommending (which could be a review).
  • Then the bonuses that you are giving away along with the offer (and how it benefits them).
  • Then lastly you want to show your audience how they can get started as well as getting their bonuses.

Pretty much everything that is talked about in the video?

Is also going to be underneath the video in text, pictures, banners, etc.

Here is an example of an affiliate bridge page I did for the OFA Challenge.

affiliate bridge

That is just the top part, but you get a good idea of the setup.

Then of course underneath that we have.

The Bonus Stack

This is all about the bonuses and what’s in it for your audience.

Here is what you want to incorporate in this section:

  • Your bonuses (and their value).
  • A description of the bonuses (and how they are beneficial).
  • And lastly, you want to add up all of the value for a grand total value.

That’s why it’s called a bonus stack as you are listing all of the bonuses they are getting…

And then you simply add up the value.

It’s sound weird to do, and I even felt that way when I first tried.

But it worked even better than I imagined so I always do it now.

And last but not least, you will need:

  • A simple call to action like Click here to get started today.
  • Then a way for them to collect their bonuses (they can simply email you their receipt).

Pretty simple right?

So let’s wrap things up.


There’s a lot of affiliate marketers out there, but not many of them seem to know about the power of sales funnels.

Just with these two types of funnels:

  1. Affiliate lead generation funnels.
  2. Affiliate bridge pages.

You can’t help but improve your marketing.

Try them out, test them out, and I’m sure it won’t take you very long to see noticeable results.

Thank you for reading.

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