Top 10 Product Page Design Tips for Your eCommerce Business

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In the day and age we live in, a business cannot survive if it doesn’t register its presence on an eCommerce platform. From selling shoes to balloons, pencils to food products, and books to alcohols, eCommerce is the place to go. But having an eCommerce shop is just the beginning of the story. To make a long-lasting impact on the mind of your customer, you need to hold their attention. It requires an eloquent page design that widens your customer’s gaze and makes them say “WOW.” This article gives you a list of top 10 product page design tips that will blow your customer’s mind and bring them back to your eCommerce shop.

Product page design tips

1.   Adopt simplicity

Before going any further, let’s delve into the basics. Your design should be simple, clear, and straightforward. Simple neither means dull and boring nor bright and flashy. It means to be balanced. The colors and designs should be eye-catchy and must express your brand. Don’t put too many pop-ups — ads and banners — as they distract the customer and give them a bad experience. 

2. Focus on Branding

Always remember that people want to associate themselves with established brands. They don’t just purchase products from you. They also buy their desires and aspirations. So focus on making a brand appeal. Let them know who you are, what you stand for, and how you are different. It will build trust with your audience and turn them into regular customers.

3. Think like your customer

The easiest way to make apt choices for your product page is to wear your customer’s shoes and think like them. There are three basic things that your customer needs — eye-catchy design, smooth navigation, fast and secure payment facility, and excellent organization of products. A straightforward and hassle-free approach will allow your customers to search for their products quickly and make the checkout process convenient.

4. Insert high-quality images on your product page

According to research, high-quality images can increase the click-through rate by 40%. Getting professional-quality images builds trust and confidence in your customers. On the other hand, if your product lacks images or has low-quality pictures, people will hesitate to purchase products from your store. To maintain a steady flow of sales, get good quality pictures for every product from multiple angles.

5. Select the color of your product page wisely

Do you know that red color inspires excitement and passion? Some studies suggest that by coloring the buying button in red, the conversion rate can increase by 34%. Also, blue color signifies trust, which is why many company logos are in blue. So you must conduct full-fledged research before deciding what color your eCommerce product page should be.

6. Build a professional website

Apart from focusing on branding, selecting the right color, and putting high-quality images, several other factors contribute to the development of a professional website. They are the font, footer design, and color palette across. Also, grammatical and spelling errors can cause massive damage to your repute. So make sure that your product page is free from mistakes.

7. Write short and crisp content

Research indicates that customers read only 20% of the content written on the product pages. Instead of going through the whole content word by word, they scan through relevant information. It means you need to write crisp content — short paragraphs, use of bold words, and hyperlinks that hold their attention and inspire them to make the purchase.

8. Make web pages easier to navigate

Make it easy for customers to find products in your eCommerce shop. You can do so by allowing them to filter across multiple parameters — such as color, product size, product type, cost, and company. Customers are finicky. If they have to click on ten tabs before they can buy the product, they will jump off to your competitor’s website. 

9. Get product reviews

Another way to increase the trust level of your customers is by getting product reviews. Create a section on your eCommerce shop where your customers can rate your products. Encourage your existing customers to write testimonials and share the products they liked with their friends. It will help you get good word-of-mouth and spread the news about your products to far and wide places.

10. Make the checkout process simple

There is a high percentage of customers who leave eCommerce portals just before making the final purchase. It’s because the checkout process is complex and time-taking. Ensure that you have a tie-up with globally accepted payment gateways, such as MasterCard and Visa, so that your customers can quickly make the purchase. Also, inform them about your shipping and return policy.

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