Privacy Policy

This website highly values your privacy and abides by stout privacy guidelines to ensure that your privacy is not violated in any way. All visitor data is treated with utmost respect being mindful of the responsibility we bear for all the data left behind by our readers. We do not share any of our visitor data with any person, company, organization, or third party. We do not work with or relate to any data mining company, individual or website. All data generated from any visit to this site is treated as confidential and private.

This website does not ask for any critical personal data such as bank details, credit card numbers and the like. To leave a comment, or become one of our subscribers, however, you will have to provide your name as well as your email address. We also do not tolerate guest posts or any content on our website that seeks to extract data from our visitors.

We do not intentionally store information in any of our servers concerning your visit to this website, unless for optimal operation of this site. Any and all information gathered is used for the sole reason of improving our services and developing quality content for our visitors.

Any other information that is collected is non-personal such as browser type, time and duration of visit, actions performed on the site, language preference and the like. The only potentially person-identifying data that we may collect are the IP addresses of our logged in users or visitors wishing to get involved in our content pages by leaving comments

We use cookies to improve our site’s performance and user experience. Cookies help us to optimise and serve content that is relevant to whatever our visitors’ needs may be. If you are not okay with our cookie use, you can turn off cookies in your browser settings. We distance ourselves from any content, or its related consequences, that was reproduced from this site without notification or our consent.

This privacy policy can change at any point in time without prior notice.