Taking A Look At The Top Online Video Maker Features And Settings In Lumen5

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Have you ever looked at videos on Facebook and wonder how companies turn out so many of them? Have your video marketing efforts made you wish you had gone to school for graphic design instead? What if we told you that there’s an online video maker tool that can help you turn out beautiful, professional-looking videos that will send your marketing efforts soaring?


Lumen5 Online video maker features


Lumen5 is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to get into video marketing. Read on to learn more about the video maker features that come with this platform.

Turn Text Into Videos

So you have a fantastic blog, but let’s say you want to take things to the next step and start using video marketing. With Lumen5, it’s as simple as uploading your blog post into their software. Within minutes, it will generate a beautiful, professional-looking video clip without you having to know anything about making videos.

Here’s an example of converting one of my blog posts into a video using Lumen5 


Lumen5 boasts a vast media library that can pull images from for your video. All the hassle of the old video making style is gone. No more shooting footage and hoping you come up with something useful; it keeps all of that footage at your fingertips.

Great Branding Options

One of the keys to creating a good marketing video is to have strong branding in it. Yes, you want to create something your viewers will enjoy and want to share. But you also want to make sure that your brand comes through, and your message gets across in the video.

Lumen5 makes it easy for you to add watermarks and logos to your videos. You can keep your brand at the forefront of viewers’ minds with a small watermark at one of the corners. And at the end of the video, you can add a full-size logo to wrap the sales pitch your content just made for you.

Automated Workflows 

If having Lumen5 convert blog posts to text for you wasn’t simple enough, the platform takes things one step further. You’ll get automated, artificial intelligence-assisted workflows with the Lumen5 platform. This can help you save even more time and produce videos that will wow your viewers in just minutes.

When you input your text, Lumen5 will use natural language processing to pick out important keywords in each section to highlight. It will also take a look at the amount of text in each segment to determine the length of each scene. And the program will automatically position your text to optimize it in the frame.

Discover More Video Maker Features

Lumen5 is an amazing tool that comes with all the best video maker features. From a vast library of media files to automated workflows, this platform is making it easier than ever for anyone to create top-notch videos. So why wait – start taking advantage of video marketing!

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