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First of all, Happy New Year to all my Bloggingtek Readers.

If you wish to make a successful blog that drives lot of traffic and conversions, then you need inspiration from blogging experts who have already done it. So I thought to interview some successful people and one among them is Janice Wald

Interview with Janice, Blogger at

Interview with janice, blogging expert

A little bit information about Janice – She is a successful blogger behind Janice shares various blogging tips and traffic tips, She personally tries and reviews on new blog related subjects. She has been helping fellow bloggers through her pinterest group boards, stumbleupon groups and link party.

With this short intro, Let’s dive  into the Janice’s interview.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into blogging ?

I had just seen the film “Julie and Julia” which was about a blogger when my daughters went to college. Their departure left me with a void. Since I’d been used to writing as a part of my studies toward my Masters Degree in Education, I thought blogging sounded like something I wanted to try.

2. How much time do you spend blogging on a weekly basis?

Every free moment. However, I do work outside the home as a history teacher and yearbook teacher, so I only have evenings and weekends to work on the blog.

3. What are the top blogging tools you recommend for bloggers and why?

I keep returning to Canva for blog graphics and Instagram graphics. I always schedule my Twitter posts and Instagram posts using my Buffer queue. I love Missinglettr, a free service that writes my social media posts for me.

4. What’s the role of pinterest in your blogging success?

I have a Community Pinterest Board for my blog followers. Response to the board has been extremely favorable. My blog growth is in large part due to my Pinterest board.

5.Can you share your favourite pinterest tool/tools?

I use Viralwoot to schedule pinning my pins. Here is information about Viralwoot. It’s free and serves all my scheduling needs. I use Canva, Fotor, FotoJet to make my graphics.

6. Apart from pinterest, which other social network you found most effective?

Facebook groups have been a large factor in my blog growth. These groups allow daily self-promotion

7. Can you explain about your “stumbleupon group” so that our readers can benefit from the group?

Yes! Thanks for asking! In addition to my Pinterest board, I have another optin for my readers. As a way of thanking my blog followers, I have a stumbling service. They leave their link to their post they’d like stumbled in the comment box on my StumbleUpon group. I stumble the link for them. They stumble mine and fellow bloggers, thereby driving traffic. Its a win to win formula.

8. How did you make money from your blog? Your best money making tips for bloggers?

The answers are all in here : People find me and offer me financial opportunities. How they find me? The answers are in the post

9. What are your new plans for blogging, promotion, collaboration for the forecoming year?

I will try to blog ahead so I can focus more on monetization. I need to make more self posts and guest posts as well.

10. What’s your advice for new bloggers who are just starting out?

Be patient. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. When I heard that, I became patient and my blog grew..

Thank you Janice for spending your valuable time for this interview! It’s greatly appreciated. We wish you all the very best for your future ventures.

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