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Intentions and tasks of your company have an appreciated commercial value from viewpoint of brand effective promotion stimulation online with the help of SEO and not only. However, it is worth noting that they can both increase and weaken communicative schemes, connecting you with representatives of target consumer segments chosen by the marketing department. It is widely agreed that tasks and intentions are synonymous words. It is not like that.

Internet marketing terms and their differences?

As a rule, terms considered in the Internet marketing go within one meaning. However, their target purpose is massively different. Finding a difference namely can make it to where in perspective productivity of this or that online marketing activity is to increase.

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What is business intentions in the Internet marketing of 2019?

Business intentions are accents of general nature, a complex of which makes a vector of marketing strategy development.

More often than not accents are:
⦁ proposed operating results;
⦁ profit margins of sales or functionality of a company in general.

What is business tasks in internet marketing

Business tasks are complex of clear practical actions to achieve earlier pointed goals (intentions).
It means that you need:
⦁ at first to write down goals and to create a prognosis concerning marketing promotion of a brand solution;
⦁ to follow formulated intentions within the framework of a working program based on discussion and implementation of business operations after.

An example of tasks and intentions in Internet marketing for the year 2019:

Initial company intentions: targeted traffic volume increase + optimization of a client engagement within a selling website.
In this case, the following tasks will be relevant to goals:
⦁  dispersal of optimized content on social media;
⦁ A website promotion илor a brand through stimulation of a user virus activity interacting with informational publications of evergreen type.

Learn the ropes of SMART-technology application in 2019

If connected to the process of formulating intentions in Internet marketing for 2019, the latter should be:
⦁ precise • accurate (that is, aimed at specific KPIs (key profitability indicators));
⦁ measurable (such that amenable to objective analysis);
⦁ • motivating;
⦁ • real, justified (realizable);
⦁ • accumulating for the future (this is about evaluating the effectiveness of long-term marketing operations, which should be carried out after a certain time period).

Examples of unsuccessful presentation of business goals essence in Internet marketing for 2019:

⦁ presentation of a new trading solution;
⦁ sales flow promotion;
⦁ increase brand awareness.

Such marketing attitudes are shallow and ineffective. To expand the structure of intentions by adding metrics is recommended in all cases.

⦁ we need to increase sales by 10%;
⦁ our goal is the Landing Page conversion boost by 2%;
⦁ to increase the number of requests by 20 % with the help of SMM promotion.

Everything is easy: the clearer an intention sounds, the easier it will be for your team to select the most relevant business task for it.
How to identify the tasks of Internet marketing in 2019 correctly: recommendations, testing, and analysis

At this stage, it is important to be guided by the information received as a result of researching the preferences and needs of your target audience. For example, if you have identified high rates of user activity, which is expressed in response to advertising posts on social networks, then you should definitely include the optimization of this method of engaging customers in the sales funnel in the Internet marketing strategy.
The mistakes that are made most often in the process of setting business objectives are presented below:

• formation of multi-valued attitudes (solution: use the “ambiguity detection” test that can lead you to a clearer formulation of the problem);
• setting low-profit jobs (solution: use the “assessment of feasibility” test);
• misunderstanding of the commercial value of a particular task (solution: use the “prospect designation” test).

What role can a SWOT study play here?

With its help you can:

• explore both external and internal leverage on the advertising campaign;
• identify the advantages that distinguish your brand among competitive trading offers;
• eliminate obstacles that hinder the achievement of goals.

SWOT study is a search algorithm solution:

⦁ strong brand/company development aspects;
⦁ weak points of its promotion on the consumer market;
⦁ opportunities for stabilization of a product position;
⦁ factors-aggressors.

When performing a SWOT analysis, be guided by the following questions:

• Why is our marketing strategy better than competitors’ marketing methods?
• What tools can help us solve our tasks?
• Are enough resources located in our working base?
• What exactly can prevent the implementation of our key marketing solutions?
• Is it advisable for us to be guided by data on industry trends?
• Do our content products appeal to targeted users?
• How can the current state of the niche market affect the dynamics of the movement of potential buyers along the client’s route?

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