5 Tips to Building An Effective Instagram Advertising Campaign

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In 2020, Instagram’s monthly active users exceeded a billion, with 500 million daily active users across the world. A recent study by Socialbakers revealed that in the second quarter of 2020, Instagram’s audience size eclipsed Facebook’s by 31.2%. 

Instagram posts also had almost 19x more interactions than Facebook posts. Instagram interactions are virtually at their peak. And with a potential advertising reach of over 800 million users, Instagram offers plenty of opportunities for the savvy marketer. 


Here are some tips on how to build a successful Instagram ad campaign:


Instagram Advertising Campaigns


1. Determine your Instagram campaign objective


As in all successful marketing endeavors, the first and most crucial step is to identify and define your marketing goal. An effective ad campaign should have a primary purpose. 

Defining the goal before you start will help you keep your marketing efforts and budget on track. Instagram lets you choose from several ad objectives, organized into three broad categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. 

Using the Awareness ad objective lets you generate interest and increase brand awareness. Creating a consideration campaign enables you to inform your audience about your business’s offerings. Of course, conversions campaigns aim to encourage people to buy or use your product or service.


2. Use the most effective type of Instagram ad for your brand


Instagram currently offers six ad types: story ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and Explore ads. Each of these types of ads provides benefits that are ideal for specific marketing strategies. The most effective Instagram ads are image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and Instagram stories. 

With over 500 million users, Instagram Stories offers an effective avenue to connect with your customer base and increase awareness of your brand in an immersive full-screen format. 

Instagram image ads are quite easy to set up and run. And because Instagram is a visual platform, image ads are more organic and less intrusive for users. Image ads are also the most versatile and can carry a wide variety of calls-to-action. Carousel ads let you upload up to ten images. 

And as user-generated short-form video sharing platforms like TikTok explode in popularity, video ads on Instagram are also experiencing rapid growth. With time spent by users watching videos on Instagram increasing by 80%. 

Assess your brand and identify which type of Instagram will work best for your marketing campaign.


3. Use Instagram’s powerful ad targeting options 


Instagram uses Facebook’s excellent advertising targeting system. For your ad campaign, you can specify your target audience’s demographics, interests, location, behaviors, and more options. 

For beginners, Instagram has an automated targeting option that lets you easily create an audience. As you gain more experience and insights running ad campaigns on Instagram, you can fine-tune your targeting. For example, you can run ads for users who have bought or interacted with your brand and similar demographics. 


4. Always use high-quality images


In a visual platform like Instagram, engaging, high-impact, and high-quality images are essential. Instagram recommends using images that are consistent with your brand’s personality. 

Use photos that tell your brand’s story in fresh and exciting ways. Aim to strike a balance between the aspirational and the authentic. Use pictures that inspire but also feel relatable. The most compelling images sell an experience instead of a product or service. 

Also, when uploading photos on Instagram, use the best quality resolution possible (around 1080×1080 pixels). Maximize the space by using the 1:1 aspect ratio or portrait layout. Try to create your own images and avoid using stock photos that many other brands may have already used. 


5. Experiment with different Instagram ad types and formats


Once you become more experienced in creating ads and adjusting your targeting to get the best results, you can start experimenting with other ad types and formats to find out which works best for your specific marketing needs. Using Facebook Ads Manager, measure and analyze your ads’ performance and adjust accordingly to achieve better results.  

Despite the challenges of 2020, Instagram continues to grow exponentially and remains one of the leading advertising channels for businesses. More than 75% of US businesses will use Instagram to reach their target market in 2020. Make sure you take advantage of the enormous potential of Instagram to help you grow your business.


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