How to Upload a Blogger Template right to your Blog

(Last Updated On: 25 Aug)

When you create a blog on blogger, usually we will be using one of the default templates provided by These templates are simple and are quite restricted.


Google Blogger is versatile because it allows you to either utilize the themes available inside or import a template from other websites who provide free or paid ones. 


Currently, there are about a dozen or so websites that provide great blogger templates, have great customer support and are very easy to use.

Note – themes = templates


How to upload a Template to Blogger


  • First, you will learn about how to upload pre-defined themes.


  • Second, you will learn how to upload the custom themes you have downloaded on your computer.


How to Apply Pre-Defined Blogger Template


1. Find the Template Gallery from your Blogger Dashboard. You can see blogger templates here by the dozen, divided into useful sub-categories.


2. Hover your mouse over the themes you are interested in to see a preview of it. You can also start customizing the theme without applying the theme to your blog.

Once you are fully satisfied with your current selection, click on Apply.


How to Upload Custom Downloaded Blogger template


1. Visit the site that provides Custom Bloggertemplates. Select the template which suits your needs. Mouse over the “Download Full Template” and click on it to save it on your computer.


2. Unzip your template file. Most Blogger themes are saved in .zip format.


Blogger won’t theme files, so you will need to unzip it first before uploading.


When you unzip, you will find .xml file within the folder.


3. Log in your Blogger account. From the blogger dashboard,Select the template section.


4. On the top right side corner, you will see “restore/backup template” Click on it
upload blogger template


5. A new page will open, where you can find an option “Upload/install template” click it and upload the unzipped .xml file (which you have downloaded previously)


6.  A confirmation message something like “Your Changes Have Been Saved” will display if the upload was successful.

Now the custom template is applied to your blogger blog or website.


7. View your website with the new custom template by clicking on “View Blog” button.

If some parts of the website don’t show up or isn’t functioning as it should, you may need to move or remove some of the page elements.


What you should do after this ?
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