How to Point a Domain from Namecheap to Siteground

(Last Updated On: 16 Jan)

When you Make a WordPress blog with Siteground, you need to ensure that the domain name is set up and your readers are served with the right content when they visit your domain. If you do not do so, they will most likely see the default parking page or a “Server not Found” error. In this tutorial, you will learn how to transfer domain from Namecheap to Siteground hosting. 


How to Point Namecheap Domain to SiteGround


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To point your domain name to your SiteGround website from Namecheap, you need to login to both your Namecheap and SiteGround accounts.


Log into your Siteground Control Panel

On the SiteGround account page, click on “Manage Account” and find the”Account DNS.” There you will see two nameservers listed together with corresponding IP addresses.

They will look like this


Copy the two nameservers to clipboard. These are the values you must fill on the Namecheap page.

Access your Namecheap account

Log in to your Namecheap account. From the dashboard, you can manage all the services you have purchased from Namecheap.

Click the Domain Management Page

On the left navigation menu, Find the “Domain List” link. Click on the link, you will be presented with the domain names you have purchased from Namecheap.

Choose the domain you want to point to SiteGround. Click the”Manage” button. You will be redirected to the domain management page.

Set the Nameservers

In the domain management page, find the”Nameservers” option. On the”Nameservers” row, select the “Custom DNS” option. Enter the siteground nameservers values and save the changes.

At this point, you have now finished setting up your domain to use your SiteGround website.

namecheap nameservers


However, your domain will not work immediately. You should wait for about eight hours (or more) to see your website live!

If you have bought your domain from Godaddy, follow this tutorial on how to redirect your domain to your blog.