How to Point a Domain From Godaddy to WP Engine ??

(Last Updated On: 1 Oct)

WP Engine is the top choice for WordPress hosting though it is pricey .If you have bought a domain from godaddy and want it to host on wpengine then this tutorial will help you to do so!

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Pointing your Go Daddy Domain to WP Engine

Step 1. Look For Your WP Engine IP Address

Log in to your WPEngine account. Find the IP Address linked with your WPEngine account. If you’re having trouble locating it, the IP Address is commonly seen on the Dashboard page on the top-most table, right under the word”INSTALLS”.

wp engine dns

Step 2. Sign in to Domain registrar

Log into your domain registrar (here Go daddy) , Go to domain list and select the domain you wish to point to WPEngine.There should be a button called “Manage” right beside your listed domain.Your Domain Details will be shown when you click on the Manage link.

Step 3. Navigate to DNS settings and enter ip address

In the domain management page, click on “DNS Zone File”

Check for the following:
If an A Host Record is present…and the host value is @, then click on the the edit icon at the right side of the page and enter the ip address.

[Note that A Record is one that connects the IP Address to your host name]

if A Record is not present, then click “Add Record” , Select the A Host Record Type. Enter  ” @ ” into the host input and the IP Address of WPEngine in the “Points To” field.
Leave the Time to Launch field, or TTL at Default. Click on Finish. Now you have successfully changed your DNS setting to the appropriate domain name

wp engine

Step 4. Add the Domain to WP Engine

Now, log in with your username and password to WP Engine. Your dashboard will come up and greet you. Click on install, select the “Domains” on the left-hand side and enter your domain name in “Add New Domain” field.

Step 5.Final step on Mapping Your Domain

Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on the Admin link. Locate the “Settings” tab on the left side, then click on”General”.

Set the Site Address URL and the WordPress Address URL to the domain name. Click on Save Changes. It might take a while anywhere from a few minutes to less than 24 hours to see your website live with your new domain name.

Few points to note – Your DNS records, or zone file records, is responsible for changing the domain services from where you use your website. Accessing your DNS Records will ultimately depend on the service location of your domain.

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