14 Experts Share their Favorite Method To Make Money From A Blog

(Last Updated On: 4 Oct)

A lot of people are now trying to make money by blogging, some as a way to supplement their current income while some as full time blogger.


There are “n” number of ways to make money from your blog, but unfortunately not every way works! Affiliate marketing works for one, while displaying Ads are best bet for other Bloggers. So I just reached to 14 Blogging Experts to share their favorite method to make money from a blog. They have shared their awesome answers.


Before you are ready to make money, make sure that you have completed the following steps.

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Expert Roundup : What’s your favourite method to make money blogging and Why?


Prof. Ron Stefanski – Founder of JobsForTeensHQ


Far and away my favorite method of making money from a blog is Google Adsense. I say this because it is one of the only income channels that is truly passive and all you have to do to make it happen is insert code on a page of your website to make money. That said, if you have a small personal blog, it’s not likely that you can make significant money from this.

I’ve created numerous websites that were both blogs and informational resources for large communities of people and now I make over $400 per day just from Google Adsense and I find it incredibly effective as a revenue source when implemented correctly.


Wade McMaster – Founder of Wellbuildyourblog.com


My favourite method of making money isn’t my primary. Even though I make my living from freelancing services more than anything else, I prefer passive income methods. I make decent money with Affiliate marketing and selling adspace.

My all-time favourite is Affiliate Marketing.

First of all it’s passive income, so the money roll in after the work indefinitely with little effort form you. But I also love the creative process of picking a product, creating a strategy and content and creating this online system designed to sell and make you money.

Affiliate marketing is a lot of fun and can be very profitable!


Chris Lee – Founder of 3hundrd.com


My best method to monetize a blog is to do Product Reviews.

Product reviews will give you the best chance of converting seeing as how your target audience is already warmed up to an idea of buying the product (otherwise they won’t be reading your review).

They also will help you rank quite easily in search engines when you review specific products. 


Thomas Stevens – Founder of Beamoneyblogger.com


I would say my favorite way of making money online is through Affiliate marketing. This is because there are so many options for affiliate marketing and lots of space for growth and higher income.


Pradeep Kumar, Founder of HellBound Bloggers


I would go ahead with “Sponsored/Paid Reviews

When some people see this, they assume all the paid reviews are biased and unethical; it’s totally wrong. It’s just like how brands use Newspapers, Television, and Radios to promote their products/services; we do the same via our blogs. It’s as simple as that, and we can get good instant money from this just by reviewing or posting something about the brands. I prefer this because this is natural and we love examining stuff. It’s a win-win for both the parties. Our feedback helps both the brand and the audience.


Sam Hurley – Founder of Optim-eyez.co.uk


As of now, my favorite method of blogging revenue is Affiliate marketing!


1. You provide useful tools for other bloggers and businesses to utilize 2. You help them produce income 3. You aid the tool providers in gaining new business and 4. It’s passive income — Not money for time!

In future, I look forward to increasing site traffic and pushing sponsored guest posts, whereby businesses pay to be featured on your site and promote their products and/or services to your engaged audience.

This particular revenue model is very lucrative (some larger websites charge an eye-watering $6,000 per post).

[TIP: How about even more slick, ultra-modern ways you can enjoy more blogging income? Try applying chatbots and upselling/cross-selling !]

Above all, remember to focus on user + customer experience, rather than tons of irrelevant pop ups and forced interaction…

Entice visitors the right way; NOT by railroading them into subscribing and buying.


Marko Saric – Founder of Howtomakemyblog.com


My favorite method for making money with a blog is Affiliate marketing. It’s more user friendly, more relevant, more flexible and gives you more opportunities to earn than banner advertising. And it’s faster, quicker and less resource demanding than creating and selling your own products or services. It’s a great method for beginners to get started with and exploring blog monetization.


Dexter Roona – Founder of Infobunny.com


My favorite way to make money form my blog is something that really does reinforce that what you are doing is good and well liked

Sponsored posts

There is nothing more satisfying for me than to receive sponsored post requests.

I get requests for me to write articles on my site and I also get sponsored submissions requests.

Submissions are great because you are given ready-made content and who doesn’t like a stream of ready-made content on their blog.

The considerations are though that you only accept related content requests and that you keep and maintain the standard of your blog. It is important that you oversee any submissions and that you optimize them and add them into your blog in your own blogging style so that no one even knows that what you have published is a sponsored post

It takes a long time to build up your blogging reputation and only a few bad posts to start to slide again


Vishwajeet Kumar Founder of Imbloggingtips.com


My Favorite way to make money is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular and lucrative ways to make money online. I still remember the days when I had made $300 by promoting hosting affiliate program. That was my first commission and I was so excited. Blogging helps you a lot in affiliate marketing. Firstly you have to identify the needs of your target audience or readers. What they want from you? Promoting relevant and quality product is very important to become successful in affiliate marketing. I only promote products which I have used personally So that I can write everything about them. Through blogging you become authority in your niche and people trust you. This will help you to generate good sales and conversions with affiliate marketing


Marc Guberti – Founder of Marcguberti.com


My favorite method to make money from a blog is to get visitors on my email list where I’ll occasionally promote offers (a mix of my products and affiliate products). Email lists generate more engagement and revenue than any other platform. I also enjoy crafting emails knowing that they will help my audience. I’m incorporating more stories in my emails so my audience also gets to know me on a deeper level.

Building your email list is the best way to generate revenue and cultivate an incredible audience. 


Jane Sheeba – Founder of Besthostinganddesign.com


I personally love anything that is passive. Be it affiliate commissions, ad income, or memberships – you don’t have to do 1-1 work in order to get paid.

I wouldn’t say passive income is easy income or that there isn’t any work involved. BUT it is easier compared to other forms of incomes.

Personally my favorite is the Affiliate income! I don’t have to create a product, and I don’t have to worry about support issues (for the product). I don’t own anything. But I can still make money by referring people to it.

If I just build a nice trust factor and stay true on my recommendations, affiliate income is the best.


Nisha Pandey – Founder of Seotechyworld.com


Sponsorship is my favorite strategy for generating income from blogs. To be able to get sponsorships your blog should have some traffic.

The biggest advantage of this strategy is that it can help you generate relatively more revenue compared to other more conventional methods. Even if you have average volume of traffic, you can use this method to make decent amount of money.

On the other hand, a strategy like AdSense or other similar programs require you to have very high volume of traffic to be able to make a breakthrough with your income. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest your time in those strategies.

Apart from that sponsorships also allow you to build strong business relationships. And these relationships can pay off well in the long-term as well. In fact, it can also help build your blog’s profile and your own reputation in the blogosphere and general market.


Atish Ranjan – Founder of Techtricksworld.com


To be honest, I am not a fan of one method to earn money because depending on one earning source may put you into problems sometimes. However, if you want me to choose my favorite, I would choose Sponsored reviews in which we have to review a product and publish on our blog in the form of a post. And, for that we receive money from the product owner or the one who is promoting.

It is my favorite because if you have a good blog you can earn a lot using this in short period of time. The only thing you have to take care is how you can reach out to clients, and convince them for sponsored views. You can also join different marketplaces to get review offers. Many times you get contacted by the company via your blog’s contact form.

Moreover, for long-term, my favorite is both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. If you can drag more traffic to your blog, these 2 methods will give great earning.


Brian Babor – Editor of MonetizePros.com


I prefer to make money blogging via Display Ads. It’s the most passive form of only income and has come a long way in the past few years with header bidding.


I thank all the Blogging Experts for sharing their most successful methods to make money blogging. Dear readers, every method takes some time, stick to one or two that best works for you !


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