How to install WordPress using Quickinstall in Hostgator cpanel

(Last Updated On: 10 Aug)

Over the last decade, WordPress has become one of the most preferred platform for running a content-based blog or website. The ever increasing popularity of WordPress is as a result of the ease associated with the process of installing WordPress and its efficient user interface. This tutorial will help you to install wordpress on Hostgator using quickinstall.

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In order to Set up a blog or website with wordpress , you need two things

  1. A web hosting service (here – Hostgator)
  2. A domain Registrar

If you’re hosting your site on SiteGround, skip this step & read the article on How to install WordPress on SiteGround

Sign Up for HostGator

When it comes to convenience, HostGator offers the fastest and easiest way to sign up and get the hosting service you need.

  1. Go to the homepage of HostGator and click the WebHosting button. [Note : Get up to 60% discount using Hostgator Coupon
  2. Choose your preferred hosting plan. Our recommendation is select baby plan as you can host multiple sites in a single account.
  3. Enter the domain which you have purchased. Hostgator domains are bit pricey, hence it is advisable to buy a domain from registrars like Namecheap or Godaddy and point it to Hostgator using nameservers
  4. Complete your purchase. Set a username and password when you set up your billing information. Be sure to verify and review your order before you click the “Create Account” button.
  5. Pay the fees using PayPal or credit card. Once the payment has been completed, you will get a confirmation email regarding your account details.

Installation of WordPress on Hostgator using Quickinstall

To install your WordPress site through Hostgator cPanel, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Sign in to your HostGator cPanel

hostgator cpanel

2. Navigate to the software/services section and under the section you will see a “QuickInstall” icon. Click on that icon.

install wordpress using quickinstall

3. After completing step 2 above, you will see a menu to your left. Go to “Blog Software” and select “WordPress”. Upon selecting WordPress, WordPress Description page appears. On the WordPress description page, click on the button with the text “install WordPress”.

how to install wordpress in hostgator cpanel

4. After clicking on install WordPress, fill out the form that appears with accurate information.

5. After filling out the form click on the button which is engraved with the words “install WordPress”. A status bar on top of the page will notify you once the installation process is complete. Check for your username and password for your WordPress website in the email address you provided on the form in step 4 above.

What you should do after installation of WordPress?

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