How to increase Blog Traffic for free – 5 Smart ways (Excluding guest posting)

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

When you set up a blog and start adding posts, you may have a belief that I added a lot of quality content so I can just relax and wait for the visitors to pour in. Does it happen? Yes, it happens for one or two posts which are in-depth. For most of the posts, you need to give a push otherwise they will be lost in the crowd. So how to get more traffic to your blog?

Here I will be discussing some smart ways to drive traffic to your quality posts excluding guest posting.


1. Blog commenting

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic, that too targeted traffic. Find blogs related to your niche, and drop a useful comment in one of their posts.

If your comment is really helpful, people may click on your blog and thus traffic pours in. Commentluv blogs are particularly useful, as they have options to add your recent post.

Some of the commentluv enabled blogs related to blogging niche are –,, etc.

2. Forum posting

People always visit forums to get some help from fellow bloggers. Find your niche related forums, offer your help by posting useful comments and drop your signature.

If your comments help them, they may click through your signature landing up on your blog. This is one way to get more readers to your blog.

Some of the blogging related forums are digital point forums, warrior forums, site owners forums, affiliatefix etc

3. Viral content bee

This is a site, run by Ann Smarty where bloggers help to promote content each other. When you join this site, you need to gather karma points by promoting other’s posts. Once you reach adequate karma, you can add your own posts/projects.

Now other bloggers will start promoting your posts based on your karma points. Sounds easy right? Yes, it is.

Join this site and start promoting your blog/site.

4. Reddit

This is one of the social media which has been evolving very fast. Though Redditors doesn’t like self- promotion, still you can make use of Reddit to get traffic for free.

The basic thing you need to follow to be successful with Reddit is to gain enough karma points before posting your blog links.

This can be done by commenting, posting others articles which are particularly in-depth and worth reading.

You can also add your blog links while leaving useful comments. But see to that you should not over promote. Once they catch you, they will ban silently without any warning.

Otherwise, Reddit is one of the best sources to get real targeted traffic

5. Blog Aggregators

These are the sites where you can submit your blog or blog posts. They really serve as a very good source of traffic.

Some of these sites are free and some are paid ones. Almost all these sites are pretty good for getting constant visitors to your blog/site. Some of them are

Blogadda (free and premium)

Bloglovin (free and premium)

AllTop (free)

Blogkube (paid)

These are some of the best ways to increase blog traffic.Have you tried any of the methods above and what’s your experience?

Do you know any other methods to attract visitors to your blog? Do share in the comments section!