How to increase Blog Traffic for free – 5 Smart ways (Excluding guest posting)

(Last Updated On: 1 Apr)

Are you creating great content for your blog? If yes, that’s a good thing. But just like suits and ties, great content deserves a huge audience. However, the huge audience doesn’t come automatically. With several bloggers seeking to capture the attention of readers, increasing traffic can be a nerve-wracking process.

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1. Blog commenting

Blog commenting boosts your traffic by promoting your brand to other bloggers and their audience. The best and most lucrative method is dropping useful comments on blogs which are related to your niche.
Bloggers love to get fairly long comments that express your ideas, opinions, and experiences concerning the blog post. Blog commenting, therefore, helps you to network with other writers in your space and create helpful relationships.
Writers will often return the favor by visiting your blog, giving you a backlink or commenting on your blog. You also get additional traffic from their readers who like your comment.
Commentluv blogs such as,, and are particularly useful, as they have options to add your recent post.
Make sure to display your full name and a signature that links to your blog.

2.Forum posting

Forums are great online communities where you can ask questions and share your opinions, expertise, and experience.
Forum posting exposes your brand to several people who are interested in your niche, including people seeking information as well as other professionals. If people like your contribution, they will click on your signature, which should link back to your site.
You should strive to be the first to post detailed and helpful contributions to questions. Gaining the reputation of a top contributor will translate to increased traffic for your blog.
Google “best forums for (your niche)” to find the most popular communities. Some of the blogging related forums are Digital Point forums, Warrior forums, Site Owners forums and Affiliatefix.


3.Viral content bee

Viral Content Bee is a platform that allows you to leverage other blogger’s social media audience into high traffic for your blog.
The site requires you to share other people’s blog posts on your social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube. This earns you credits, which you can use them for sharing your own projects. Other bloggers, including highly regarded social media influencers, will share your content in search for credits.
Several bloggers just like you upload their projects regularly seeking social shares. Spending extra credits help to keep your post at the top of the pile. Alternatively, you can tweak the title and description of your project (blog post) to get more shares.
It also helps to acknowledge and appreciate bloggers who share your content hence create a lasting relationship. The more you network, the more traffic you stand to get.



Reddit is an online community that hosts over 330 million users monthly. The trick is to actively participate in discussions on various subreddits that relate to your niche or interests.

The platform is known for being very harsh with spammers who are only concern with self-promotion.
Therefore, if you are new on Reddit, you need to take time to get to understand the subreddit, how Redditors post and when they are active.
In good time, as you continue to earn more upvotes and karma points, you’ll build your reputation and begin to promote your content without getting angry downvotes and comments.
Once people warm up to you, promoting your content on Reddit can drive thousands of new visitors to your blog post.


5.Blog Aggregators

These are Blog submission sites that house a collection of blog and blog posts under one roof.
Just like Reddit, some blog aggregators allow users to like (upvote) or dislike (downvote) content. This helps to keep the most valuable and engaging content at the top of the pile.
Aggregators are popular among internet users since they provide a wide array of resources that cover a specific topic. In a split second, users make the decision to either explore the blog post or not.
Since you are competing with thousands of bloggers for attention, your image, title, and description need to stand out.
Although most blog aggregator services are free, others require you to pay for premium services. Some of the most notable blog aggregators are Blogadda (free and premium), Bloglovin (free and premium) and Blogkube (paid).


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Wrapping up

Driving increased traffic to your blog doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Although promoting your blog is often based on trial and error, these smart tips are designed to ease that burden.

However, keep in mind that these tips will work differently with varying audiences. The key is to diversify your blog promotion efforts so that you can drive traffic from multiple sources and expand your network.

Have you used any of these tips and tools to improve your blog traffic? Share these tips with your friends and spread the love!