How to Get Traffic For Your Website In 2019 Tools, Methods And Tips

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No matter which way you look at it, traffic is the key component of success online. If it is only your mom, your neighbour and your cat who admire your website, you will not see any profit. What to do with it, where to engage visitors from and how to get traffic for a website in 2019?


Content on the topic of your business is a great source of relevant traffic.

In order for the content to work, the following is important to keep in mind:

  • To be an expert in the area. Copy paste is no longer attractive. Therefore, your opinion was competent, tell about your cases, share a unique experience, and develop an author approach or a product. Then each article and post of yours will be worth weight in gold.

  • Invest in development. One good author is super. However, all the cool people, from SEO corporations to superheroes, need a team. You are going to need (underline as necessary) an editor, a designer, a photographer, a camera-control engineer to create fine content.

  • Think over a list of keywords, and create some interesting based on which.

  • Follow trends and write what is interesting to you. An interesting tool called iFuturist will be much of help, which predicts search trends for the next year. It allows to be ahead of the competitors and to receive a maximum of traffic from each material published.

  • To use Buzzsumo service is another way to find popular topics. Even a free version of the service with all the limitations will show articles, which are shared in social media most of all.

  • To make sure it is comfortable to share materials. Integrate blog with social networks; add convenient share icons. Provide with some perks for reposting, for example, a free check-list.

Social networks

It seems like everything is simple, register pages and writes posts. However, some brands achieve maximum reach, while others lazily lecture SMM specialist and do not get any profit.

Therefore, your SMM-strategy really worked, but not just existed for the sake of appearance, bear in mind the following:

  • Choose platforms, actual for the target audience. It makes no sense to post on Linkedin, if you sell women`s shoes, you better work over Instagram. Focus on social networks, where your audience is active.

  • Try something new. What is interesting for bloggers and brands? Each of them has an individual approach of one`s own. Do not be afraid to go outside the framework and try new formats, in order to find your uniqueness.

  • Entertain the audience. Do not post content constantly, which is directly connected with your brand. Discuss topics with your subscribers, which are interesting for them: girls, subscribed for beauty-bar, tell about 5 romantic comedies, and about time management for HR audience.

  • Remember about usability. If you promote a restaurant, do not forget about a menu, and tell about the course board in the profile of educational platform. Provide people with the maximum of information, which will help them to make a decision to your credit.

  • Use all the available tools. Social networks are partly unpredictable, and anything might work: from memes adaptation to provocative content. You cannot create varial posts guaranteed, but it is worth trying.


Contextual and targeted advertising is one of the simplest and fastest ways to engage in traffic. It is an irreplaceable tool in the difficult niche, for that matter, a rare strategy of promotion today manages without advertisement.

It is quite difficult to promote within a context of highly competitive spheres. Big and experienced players claimed popular requests long ago, and it is going to be uneasy to break their monopoly. This is why long-tail query promotion may be more profitable.


Pay attention to a website optimization for search systems:

  • Keywords. The list of the keywords should be a combination of head queries and less popular queries in our group. Let alone meta-tags, H1-H4 headlines on each page.

  • Be careful working with a link mass: it is still an efficient way of promotion, but it is worth remembering, that the number of links is not synonymous to the quality. It is more reasonable to put links on the resources, most closely approximate to the topic of your website.

  • Add nofollow attribute to advertising links, in order for search systems not to consider them and did not rise in rating. Otherwise, your resource might look like advertising for robots.

Opinion leaders

Nielsen research holds that 92% of customers believe in recommendations of opinion leaders in social networks and news media. In the age of blogging and online networks marketing of influence, build up steams. It means that you need to use it the whole circus.

Engage opinion leaders in your sphere and simply people of influence for your target audience in an official capacity among whom are bloggers, movie stars, etc.

How to get traffic for a website for free: 10 awesome tools

1. Comments in industry blogs

One of the simplest and free ways to get traffic is to show activity in blogs and on the forums dedicated to your sphere of business. Make a selection of resources by your theme and see what questions asked by people remain unanswered. Answer them and refer to your website/blog, where more information is available.

It is important to do the following in order to generate traffic from comments:

  • To be the first leaving comments on new articles. Scrolling comments, users will be able to see your answer more often.

  • Do not impose and answer the questions, you know the answer for sure so you show your expert opinion. Such comments only tempt to click on the website to find out more.

2. Banner exchange

Exchange advertising with resources with a related audience, who are not your direct competitors. For example, if you are a photographer, suggest collaboration to a photo studio or a resource, which prints photo books. It is a mutually profitable way to receive a targeted traffic.

3. A guest post for an authoritative website

Offer co-operation to a popular resource, write an article or a post on the interesting and expert topic for you. Do Google search in order to find such resources? Just type in «a guest post» and add a keyword, which is characteristic for your niche.

In addition, you can follow people of influence in your niche. Find platforms, where they publish articles/posts, and find out whether they accept new authors.

The effectiveness of guest posts depends on the level of a platform and the quality of your content. For instance, BufferApp`s owner Leo Widrich earned 100 000 of clients for less than a year due to guest posts. For that, Leo has written 150 articles for external platforms.

Guest blogging is not good for traffic only but also is a way to get fine backlinks fast, which help to take the top position in search results.

4. Regular publications

Constant upgrading with new stuff is a good sign for web robots. The rating of a website grows at regular updating of content and traffic, naturally, increases.

There is no perfect posting time-schedule. Choose rhythm, which is comfortable for you. The main thing is not to leave the blog behind for 3 months.

5. Useful content

One more free way to get traffic is to develop lead magnet and suggest it to the cold website`s visitors In exchange for e-mail or a phone number, connected to a messenger.

In order to get more addresses, one can generate a few lead magnets for different targeted audience groups. For example, if you are an owner of a barbershop, tell the visitors about 5 rules of hair care, suggest their girlfriends find out about how to choose a gift for а bearded man, share with a secret technique of haircut with barbers who teach. In doing so, you are going to get a segmented base for distribution of mail apart from engaging traffic.

6. Interviewing opinion leaders

Such interviews are good because of a targeted audience of a blogger or an expert working in your sphere to duplicate your targeted audience fully.

What you need to take an interview and get a targeted traffic:

  • Apply to an opinion leader with a request to take an interview. Comment how useful this interview is going to be. Be ready to get a refusal. There is nothing bad about it.

  • Is it a yes? Work over a structure of interview thoughtfully, find out more about a life of opinion leader and think what kind of questions are going to be interesting for him/her and your audience.

  • Conduct an interview and place an article in the blog or an audio podcast.

  • Ask an interlocutor to share your work in social networks or on his/her website.

7. Inner linking

If your new stuff in the blog is connected to some other content on your website, tell readers about it. Inner links will improve optimization, will help people to get more content upon their request and will make them stay on your website longer.

8. YouTube-channel

The most popular resource of the year 2019 and second-largest search system is worth it to make a video, is not it?

Making videos on YouTube can bring a colossal influx of traffic. For your channel to engage traffic to your website simply, do the following:

  • Develop useful content, which is a supplement of your video topic. For example, if you speak about landing development, make a checklist of Landing Page;

  • Mention the checklist in the video and suggest a viewer follow the link, to get profitableness;

  • And, of course, add a link to the website and other social networks to all the videos.

9. A link to the website in social networks

Add a link to follow with a short call for action in all the social networks. This is it. A very simple recommendation, many people ignore for some reason.

What is more to get visitors on a regular basis?

The quality of content

Perhaps, the most important thing to take into consideration and keep in mind. No matter how many ways of promotion and traffic engagement you use, eventually your strategy gets stuck on the quality of content.

It is important to the content:

  • Was on the front burner for your target audience;
  • Solved a certain problem of the target audience or showed the ways of its solution;
  • Was well written and structured;
  • Engaged a reader with the help of storytelling, questions, interactive;
  • Was interesting, alive, written on the language of your audience.

Your task is not to engage visitors only but also to make them regular customers. Remember about it and work over things you share with your audience thoughtfully.

Call To Action

Therefore, a client made a decision, his/her way to the decision should be comfortable to the extent.

  • Call readers to action so they shared the article and place share buttons in a visible location;

  • Make the registration form simpler, remove fields, which are of no importance and stages (perhaps, each of us at least once gave up on registration, because it was too difficult);

Social networks development

Much can be done with the help of SMM: work around a huge corporation, draw attention to a product, gain audience confidence. Two students who created Rockwell Razor created it, which is a modern razor with two-sided razors.

They launched a campaign, the stock in trade of which became detailed financial arrangement. Rockwell Razors said, that for a year of use of a new razor a customer is going to save a few hundreds of dollars (comparing to use of razors of a well-known brand).

Finishing work and launching an advertising, students went to bed and woke up famous. An advertising campaign in social networks brought more than 10 000 orders for several days. Not bad, right?

Social networks today is the main channel of communication, which has the edge over email, chats, forums, etc. People find out about your website through social networks more increasingly, which is why the development of social networks is a key moment in traffic engagement. Bear it in mind and cut above Rockwell Razors experience.

Free product development

An attractive offer, something pleasant, a goodie… Free products are an excellent way to engage traffic, to gather a base of subscribers and help a client to take a decision and buy a product.

Many things can be offered as a free product: from a report and a webinar to an online course or a consultation. Just remember that the task of a lead magnet is to spill the beans of your product value. It has to be absolutely useful, but not to unlock all the secrets.

Free products increase a customer loyalty; make a regular viewer and an attorney of the brand out of him/her. People can be «heat» for months before buying a paid product but to bring traffic and recommend to friends on a regular basis.

Keep in mind

  • Fine content is not a wish but a condition of business development. Your materials should be useful for your reader. Use modern and convenient formats such as long reads, video, podcasts. Think over every detail: a design, mobile versions of the website, literacy. If you are one step behind your competitors, traffic engagement will not help you much. The customers will leave.

  • Traffic engagement is a complex task, where every segment can bring small but a weighty result eventually.

  • Be useful for your audience: write down video reviews of your products, prepare step-by-step instructions, make stories with advantages of your product, and record a live-programme with answers to questions.

  • Use bloggers and research teams advertising; such an advertisement today is frontmost and effective. People choose people.

  • Develop 2-3 social networks, where your target audience is active. Work with them systematically: use quizzes, useful content, targeted advertising.

Now you know how to get traffic to the website for free and with the help of advertising tools. The next step is to write down a strategy and to proceed to implementation, in order to engage the audience in a complex way.

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