How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress [For Beginners]

(Last Updated On: 12 Apr)

WordPress is probably the best place for beginners to get started with a blog (or evil web-domination plot), and this short tutorial will show you to go about it. But before I explain how to get started please keep in mind that WordPress will host almost anything except for porn, gambling and anything too explicit. With that out of the way let’s dive right into; How to Create a Free WordPress blog using

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1) Sign up for WordPress account

  • Your first step is to go the site
  • Click the button ‘Create Website’ this will take you to the registration page.
  • Type in your site address. (This will be followed by ‘’ until you upgrade. i.e
  • Fill in the form with the following; an active email address (you will need to activate your account), a unique username (something people will remember, and maybe fear), and a strong password (something YOU will remember)
  • Skip ‘Custom Address’ for now.
  • Choose a wordpress theme for your blog.
  • Select ‘Free’ package.

2) Customize Your Blog

  • TIP: Don’t click ‘Save and Publish’ until you’re finished editing.
  • Scroll down and click the block ‘Customize your Site’.
  • Edit the ‘Site Title’ (It should still be in small lettering)
  • Pick a Color Palette (the color scheme, don’t pick anything too wild) and your Header (the top image for your Blog. Don’t use explicit images)
  • Choose the state of your Front Page. Either a still image, a welcome message for your future minions, or your newest Blog entry.

3) Start Blogging!

  • Go to your e-mail. There should be a message from WordPress titled ‘Activate [Username]’ Open the e-mail and follow the link provided. This will activate your wordpress account.
  • Go back to
  • Log In (if you’re not already).
  • Click the top left link ‘My Site’ this will take you to your blog.
  • The first blog entry should be ‘Hello World’. Delete it with the ‘Trash’ icon on the entry itself.
  • Look in the upper right corner of the page. There should be a small diagonal pencil. This is where you go when you want to write new entries for your Blog. Click it.
  • Type in your Title (don’t make it too long, but type something a search engine will pick-up easily)
  • Write your first blog-entry, making sure to use spell-check!
  • On the left hand select ‘Tags’ and add a few tags you think will fit your story. Like ‘evil-schemes’ ‘world-domination’ ‘blogging for the Mastermind’.
  • Add an image (if you want) and finally go to ‘Sharing’ and add a few services like Facebook, Google + and Tumblr.

And viola! You have a blog set-up on wordpress and ready to go! If you want to reach even more people you’re more than welcome to upgrade and get your own host name like ‘’ or you can purchase a domain from sites like Namecheap  or Godaddy and point it to your blog.

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