How to Add Custom Domain From Godaddy to Blogger / Blogspot

(Last Updated On: 25 Dec)

If you have not yet created a blog on Blogger platform, then check this post on How to create a free blog on blogspot.

The url of the blog will be Now we are going to change blogspot to .com i.e add a custom domain from Godaddy to blogger blog  (eg

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How to Add Godaddy Domain to Blogger (mapping your domain name to work with blogger)

  1. Log in to the website of Godaddy from where you bought the domain name
  2. Click on “Domain management” and select the domain you want to point it to blogger.
  3. Go to DNS settings.

blogger dns settings godaddy

Under A host , enter the four Blogger ip address

View the diagram for reference

blogger ip address

4.Now leave your domain provider account as such and proceed to step 5

  1. Open another tab, Log in to Click on your blogspot blog ,you will be taken to the blog dashboard. On the left hand side, you can see “Settings”,  click it.
  2. Under “Publishing” section, click “Set up a 3rd party URL for your blog” and enter domain name you have purchased along with prefix www. eg .

how to add godaddy domain to blogger

  1. Click save . An error message will be displayed along with two Blogger Cnames . Copy both the Cnames to clip board.
  2. Now go to Godaddy where you have kept open the DNS settings. Paste the two Blogger Cnames under Cname record . Save the settings.

blogger cname

  1. Come back to Blogger and save the settings again.

Thats it. Now your custom domain redirects to your blogger blog i.e your blogspot blog turned to .com

  1. After your URL starts working, click on the “Edit” link next to domain name on Blogger settings page. Tick the “Redirect” checkbox below the site address, so that even if the visitors miss out the www part (eg, they will still be directed to your blog or website.

What you should do after this?


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