How much does it cost to Start a Blog – Blog expenses [for Beginners]

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Does it cost money to start a blog? of course yes! Blogging is just like any business, you need to invest and wait for the return.Sometimes returns are less compared to expenses especially during the initial stages so it’s always wise to save money while blogging.

The cost of starting a blog ranges between few dollars to thousands. Here are certain ways to spend less so that you won’t go out of your budget.

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How much does it cost to start a blog ?


Blogging platform


For any blog, it starts with a blogging platform, the three main platforms which I always recommend for beginners are Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.Blogger and Tumblr are free, where as WordPress is paid one!

If you don’t have the adequate budget or if you don’t aim to make money blogging straight away opt for Blogger/Blogspot.

Once you gain adequate knowledge or you want to expand your Blogging community then shift to WordPress.

If your main goal is posting photos, go with Tumblr!


Domain names


To gain authority in your niche, you need to build your brand. For this, you have to purchase a domain that suits your niche. To buy a domain name, you can go with Godaddy The cost of a domain name varies from a dollar to $10 based on your chosen niche or keyword. Sometimes it costs hundreds of dollars for premium domains. Hence choose wisely. 


Web Hosting Costs


For hosting My first recommendation is to go with Bluehost where they give 60% discount ($3.95/month) on the first invoice. Bluehost is best as their price are affordable and their customer support is good. But keep in mind the renewal charges for hosting is always high with every hosting provider be it Bluehost or Dreamhost or any other hosting services. So how to save money on hosting? Just sign up for two or more years so that you can make use of that 60% discount for the first invoice. Here is an easy to follow beginners guide on how to start a blog on wordpress


Plugins and themes


Most of the plugins are free with self – hosted WordPress. Many free themes from WordPress are quite good and responsive. So you need not worry about themes and Plugins.So basically the cost is zero. But if you want more designs and customizations, you can opt for thrive themes.This costs around $228/yr.


Blogging Hardware Costs


To start blogging you need certain things like a laptop, a smartphone, and other accessories. So how to save money for these things? Amazon, the tech giant solves these problems. They always have certain deals on laptops, monitors, and accessories, so don’t forget to check! They also run daily deals section where you can grab these items with more discounts. 


These are the cost to start and run a blog. As said blogging is a business, it needs investment which varies from few dollars to hundreds based on your budget and site requirements. Share this post with your friends so that they also benefit from this and sharing is caring!


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