Hostgator Review – An honest look on their pros and cons

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

Hostgator Hosting Review

hostgator review with coupon

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This Hostgator review will go over the many benefits of this hosting company, as well as any areas that they may need to improve upon. While there are pros and cons for any hosting company, when it comes to Hostgator there are far more positives than negatives. It is an extremely popular web hosting option and is one that will likely handle any of the needs that you may have.

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Pros Of Hostgator

Pricing of hosting plans

One of the biggest positive aspects of Hostgator is it’s price. Chances are that you don’t have an enormous budget in regards to what you can spend to get your online business up and running. Don’t let this be something that holds you back and keep in mind that most of the biggest and most profitable websites in the world likely started with a limited budget as well. Host gator offers a number of different pricing plans, and they even offer you coupons which can save lot of money especially when you sign up for a year at a time rather than opting for monthly payments.

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Unlimited allowances

Hostgator offers you unlimited bandwith, domain names, and unlimited databases. This is really impressive feature,especially when you take into account the low cost of their hosting plans. When you are trying to build an online business the last thing you need are limitations to what you are able to do. When you choose Hostgator you don’t have to deal with those limitations.

Ease of use

Host gator uses cPanel, which is the interface that allows you to actually run, add to, and edit your site. cPanel is open source, which means that you can use it for free, and you can also alter the code to suit your needs if you have the skills necessary to do so.

Quick WordPress installation

Another huge bonus with Hostgator is that they give you free and unlimited installations of WordPress. Unless you are a highly skilled programmer and have a good sense of design, you are going to need something to help you to build your website. That something is WordPress, which can allow even a novice in the online world to create a great looking and fully functional website.

Easy Migration of website

Hostgator helps you to transfer your current website from the hosting company you are leaving over to them. In fact all you have to do is give your information to Host gator and their team of tech experts will take care of everything for you. So don’t feel that you are trapped with your current web hosting company, Hostgator can deal with the headaches involved with switching to a new hosting company so you can focus on your website

99.99% Uptime

If you want a website to succeed it needs to be there when people are trying to visit it, and with Hostgator that is a virtual guarantee. They boast a 99.99 percent reliability rate which is just about as good as you can hope to get.

Cons Of Using Hostgator

High priced domains

If you don’t already own your own domain before signing up with Hostgator you are going to have to buy one from them. The problem here is that their domain names are quite expensive when compared with other options. This is an issue because most people starting a website are doing so on a limited budget, so paying too much for a domain name can eat into that budget. If you are going to use Host gator you are much better off buying your domain name elsewhere like Namecheap or Godaddy, and then using them for your hosting needs.

Delayed support

Another common complaint with Hostgator is that it often takes longer than it should to hear back from them after you send in a request for help. While their support is generally very good, the delay in them getting back to you can be quite aggravating. When you are in the process of trying to get an online business up and running delays can slow down your progress, which can cost you money.

Limited bonuses

Host gator offers Google Adwords credits when you sign up with them, which is great. But, other hosting companies generally offer many more types of bonuses upon signing up with them. This all goes back to your budget being limited, so the more you can get for free the better off you are going to be.

Overall the pros outweighs the cons which makes many webmasters to opt for Hostgator. What’s your view on Hostgator?? Share them in the comment box !!