7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Every Marketer makes

(Last Updated On: 8 May)

We don’t often hear about Facebook advertisements.

But each of us has seen these advertisements in the right column of Facebook or in the News Feed. 

Crafting the right ad is all that it takes to capture the customers and build your brand’s voice.

The advertisers give their best while making the ads, but somehow due to any reason, they are left ineffective to reach to the targeted audience.

It is at that time, when the advertisers feel deceived, thereby pulling the plug on campaigns that are not able to get them immediate results. But they might never try to analyze why is that happening. Why are they not able to attract customers?

There are several advertising mistakes that all marketers make in common. But before knowing those mistakes, knowing briefly about how these ads work can surely benefit you.


How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook is providing an excellent platform where you can promote your blogs, posts, or even your services. These ads on Facebook can help you get substantial organic traffic on your website.

The users are able to see different ads based on their location, demographics, and profile information. So, whenever a user clicks on these ads, they land on your page.

These advertisements may take up a large proportion of your marketing budget. But if it is benefiting your business equally, then it is undoubtedly worth spending that amount.

Despite all this planning, some advertisers may experience some pitfalls. To avoid those, we have come up to spread awareness about the common mistakes so that they may not encounter any failures in the future.


Facebook Ads mistakes

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So, Here are the 7 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that All Marketer makes:


  • Neglecting videos while creating ads:

Facebook has many options for marketing, video marketing being one of them. Research proves that Facebook video advertisements got the power to engage more customers than regular static posts.

Knowing the statistics, if you still don’t include video posts in your marketing plans, you are going to lose the race.

There are a lot of tools in the market that can help boost your marketing by making content that includes interactive video learning. Grab this opportunity and take advantage of these video ads to push your business to heights. 


  • Failing to target a specific audience:

Before creating your ads, you must try to categorize your audience based on age, gender, lifestyle, thinking, etc.

Different people might act or respond in a different manner to your ads. Not everyone will respond favorably.

You might try to reach the greatest number of people out there, but doing that would surely blow your pre-set budget.

So, set a target based on some realistic statistics and get ready to reach the audience. 


  • Not monitoring their ads for feedback:

Monitoring the ads for checking the response of the target audience is a vital step that a marketer must never skip

Some ads that you like may end up annoying the customers, and vice versa. Checking the comments on the ads can help you gauge whether the ads are playing their role suitably or not. So, monitor your content regularly and make alterations as needed.


  • Choosing the wrong ads for defining your purpose:

Facebook has various advertising options available to marketers. They can choose from those options depending on the type of action or response they want from their audience. If you do not select an ad wisely, it can cause a problem. The expected options can include getting traffic to a website, promoting a product or service, or make them install an app.

So, make sure to know the purpose of all different ads and use them accordingly.


  • Testing a lot of things at the same time:

It is absolutely fine to test different Facebook ads at the same time. The thing is that you must not test the ads without proper isolation. If done so, you will probably not be able to understand the impact of different ads on your audience.

Therefore, it is advisable to test them separately or with proper isolation.


  • Planning for future advertisements too rapidly:

Marketers often assume that the audience’s perception will remain constant on a particular advertising platform. So, they plan their future campaigns in advance, which may cause problems later.

The response or traffic for a platform can change at any instance. So, marketers must not plan too far.


  • Not setting up a dedicated landing page:

If the audience responds favorably by clicking on your advertisements, they will land on your page. But if your ad doesn’t lead you to a dedicated landing page, that will simply ruin all the efforts. They must experience a proper landing. So, don’t forget to set up the main page for which you are putting all your efforts. 



Facebook provides a powerful advertisement platform for leveraging your business. You don’t have to think twice before investing in Facebook ads, but also you cannot afford to be careless with your marketing plans. After being aware of all these mistakes, you surely would not like to be a sheep and repeat the same. There is no slit for mistakes in the marketing world. So, keep these mistakes in mind and think in the direction of dodging these mistakes and be a successful marketer. 


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