How can an Ecommerce blog help you to boost sales?

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Statistics tell that by having a blog section in your eCommerce store, you can increase your traffic by 55%. Blogs provide the most efficient way of growing visitors organically.

It’s because of two reasons. First, it’s the quickest way of getting a massive amount of backlinks to your online store and web apps, which is critical for improving your rankings on search engines. Second, when your customers trust you for your knowledge of the products you’re selling, it’s highly likely that they will consider purchasing the same.


This article sheds light on how an ecommerce blog can help you boost sales


Ecommerce blog to boost sales

Know what your audience wants

Before charting an outline for your blog section, you should know what your audience is looking for. There are two different sets of audiences that you will encounter. They are:

  1. Existing customers
  2. Potential customers

For existing customers, you should write blog posts that focus on items that pair well with the primary products that you are selling. For example, suppose you are selling shirts. Then you can write blog posts on topics such as a tie, bow, etc.

For potential customers, you should focus on providing solutions to their problems. These are people who have landed on your portal for the first time. Instead of expecting them to make a purchase instantly, you should try creating credibility in their eyes.

Once they realize that you are an expert in your field and are offering genuine help, they would convert into full-time customers and spread the right word of mouth.


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Plan your keywords

Keywords play an essential role in increasing block traffic. You can keep on writing hundreds and thousands of blog posts, but if they aren’t optimized, they won’t rank on search engines.

Before you begin writing a blog post, conduct preliminary keyword research on free tools like Google Keyword Planner. It will give you a brief idea of what your potential customers are searching for on the internet.

If you want to conduct more in-depth and broader research, you can subscribe to paid tools like SurferSEO.


Make blogging a two-way communication process

Blogging provides an interactive mode of communication. The reader can give feedback, views, opinions about what they read in the blog. The publisher can reflect upon them and change their writing strategy if needed.

Keep in mind that blogging is a very creative process. It requires a keen eye to events happening around you and an inner drive to churn good quality content.

If you are going through dry days or seeking inspiration, you can turn towards your readers and find out how they are doing and what they are struggling with.


Weave the magic through storytelling

Since time immemorial, humans have been writing stories about giant creatures, fairies, gods, damsels, and mythological beasts. A fascinating story can destroy boredom and awaken you to your senses.

Research indicates that the human mind is hardwired for forming strong opinions based on what they understand from a story. It would be best if you didn’t hesitate to let your creative juices flow while writing blog posts.

Read and learn from professional content writers how they blend stories with industry-specific content to sell products online. It’s a very creative process that requires intuition and years of practice to perfect. But once you get there, there is no stopping you.


Add a personal touch

Wouldn’t the world be boring if every product gave the same feel, and every writer wrote in the same style? Different features help distinguish between different products.

Similarly, to carve your individuality as a writer, you need to add a personal touch. You can do this by running contests, putting polls, adding chatbots, or asking your community to share your articles with others. By doing so, you will demonstrate your potential customers how happy your existing customers are with your products.

By adding a blog section to your E-Commerce portal, you can attract a lot of eyeballs and increase your traffic exponentially.

You can build a community of loyal customers and increase your sales. If your blog posts share authentic information with readers, it would encourage them to make the purchase and spread the news far and wide.


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