6 Easy Tricks to make your eCommerce unique

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1. Explain why people should buy from you

It is important to clarify from the beginning that how much value you are providing to customers. Why should they buy something from your website? Do you offer the lowest price and fast shipment? Fair, High-Quality Product Review? A wide selection of products? A special set of products that is difficult to find? ease of use? This is your up-front value proposition, the original value, which is fully designed for the entire website and organization.

This is your up-front value proposition, the original value, which is fully designed for the entire website and organization.

Amazon.com offers all the basic features that require an e-commerce site, and also provide many advanced features. It adds value to each person by showing customers’ items on a personalized homepage.


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2. Avoid Surprises

Customers want to know what to expect at the start of the purchase, because the transaction will take a few minutes to complete, and they do not want to be surprised at the end. The complete disclosure of site policies is important for buyers. They usually have 3 areas of concern:

  • Privacy and Security

Customers value their anonymity because it provides a sense of privacy and security by fraud and scams by those who gain access to their personal information. Establish a set of fair information practices that will be followed by your whole company, and make these practices clear in your privacy policy. Be sure to provide a secure connection even when the personal or financial information is broadcasted.

  • Additional charge

Occasionally, customers buy products at low prices while shopping online, but only show that shipping and handling fees wipe out savings. Approved, if people save the time because they are not personally traveling from the store, shipping and handling costs can sometimes be appropriate.

However, if the cost of shipping and handling is surprisingly high, shopkeepers are disappointed. They think that online merchants are trying to deceive them and they become unbelievable. Providing information about all the costs involved with shopping in the shopping experience will make sense.

  • Returns

Although some people can not buy online anytime, more shopping on such sites offers easy returns because they know that, if they do not work for them, they will pay it for a full refund Can return

3. At the top, take good care of your customers

Building strong connections through social media is not an ideology for a company like Blenders Eyewear. This is a powerful channel for customer acquisition and retention, not to mention the display of happy customers.

Success for us is really making the customer happy and making sure that whenever he hears about us, it is in a positive light. “That is why we like to consider customers as a family, and really want to build on it and want to strengthen that strong base every day.”

4. Leave a customer touchpoint inverted

Use every conversation with customers to strengthen the company’s voice and brand. For example, an abandoned cart email from Blenders Eyewear produces a sense of urgency by referring to San Diego Staple, Guacamole. Email reminds customers to hurry up and comes back to their order: “Like Guac in the fridge, it only lasts for a few days.”

5. Provide many ways to find the product

Websites should provide many ways to navigate because customers search for products in many different ways. Some customers really know what they are looking for and want to type the product name in a search bar and jump straight to that product’s page.

The predicted input product can help in the selection process. There is only one ambiguous notion about what is happening to other customers, and want to find a lot of browsable content to get a better understanding of the availability.

Find the new ways helping your customers to find ways for solving their problems. Tell your customers about your new and interesting products by displaying featured products on your homepage. Help customers find related to them or more expensive versions of products by up-selling and cross-selling. Drive more sales by providing

Help them for finding related or more affordable versions for products by cross-selling. Personalized recommendations especially run more sales tailored to their personal interests and needs.

Finally, provide a recommendation community in which customers can provide feedback and comments on products. By promoting a prosperous community, you are partnering with your customers, so they create new content for your website, and in fact, provide another reason for everyone to visit their website again in the future.

6. Keep it convenient

Customers like to search for huge stores of information, see many clean product details pages, which provide more details and provide comparisons of products. In doing so, they can make more informed decisions about the products and services they need.

On the flip side, if the information you provide is not easy to find, then your customers will be disappointed and maybe even skip it. Finding one thing that they like can motivate customers to see other things of their choice. A site that facilitates the collection of many items in shopping carts, can make shopping process very simple.

Keep customers focused on their actions so that they do not get distracted through the quick flow check process. If checkout does not look straightforward, then customers can skip the entire order. Remember, at this point, their goal is to finish the purchase, and your goal should be to stop selling immediately and stop as soon as possible.

For an e-commerce business that can benefit greatly from impulse purchase, it is a good idea to build a site that supports the computing platform as much as possible so that the customer can work on their impulses whenever and wherever Can.

A responsive website design, mobile friendly checkout system, and location-based services can help you provide a better user experience to mobile users.

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