Best Blog Traffic Tips (For a New Blog) Shared by 10 Blogging Experts

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You have created a beautiful blog, added contents and other necessities. Now what? You are just waiting for the right traffic (audience) to pour in! If this is you, then you should check out these tips on “How to drive traffic to a new blog” shared by 10 Blogging Experts

Roundup : What is Your Single Best Tip To Drive Traffic to a New Blog

Too many cooks spoil the broth right? Its hard to learn everything in a single shot. So i reached to blogging experts and asked them to share just one best tip to increase traffic to a new blog

So what did the experts say, lets dive in!

Ted Rubin Founder of

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Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist

Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate… share your content via all social channels always including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, which also makes it easy for others to share. And don’t be afraid to do it more than once periodically sharing old posts via your social channels, especially those that were well received. Also let others freely repost your content with a link back to the original post.

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Ryan Biddulph Founder of Blogging From Paradise

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Author , Blogger, Solopreuner

The most effective tip to drive traffic to a new blog is to get inside the heads of your ideal readers. You may not have any readers as a newbie but you can see what readers from your niche need help with by studying top blogs. What topics do you see covered on popular blogs from your niche? Solve problems. your readers need solving. Share solutions to the most pressing problems in your niche. Drive more and more traffic to your blog.

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Ashley Faulkes from Madlemmings

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SEO Expert, Web Designer

Although most people would disagree, I think SEO is still the best strategy for bringing traffic to a new or existing website. People think it is too hard, especially when a website is new. But the trick is just finding the right keywords.

And instead of just talking about it, I started a new site 4 months ago, in a niche I had no name or contacts in and I already have over 1500 visits a month – from Google on a brand new website. So, it is possible (with the right keywords :>). And I even made a course on it to teach others how! So, no more excuses !

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Akshay Hallur – Founder of BloggingX

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Professional Blogger, Digital Marketer,Trainer

For a new blog, getting organic traffic may be quite hard. Contrary to what most of the SEO gurus tell, for a new site “you need to target keywords with low volume and as well as low competition“. The main reason why new bloggers struggle to get traffic in the initial days of their blogs is that they tend to try ranking for high volume keywords directly, hoping at least they would get a decent pie out of them. It doesn’t work that way. Google is very vigilant when it comes to pushing up new sites.

Targeting low competition, low volume keywords, follow silo structure, and building some strong social signals is the thing you need to be doing in the first month or a two of your blog. Later when there is a decent amount of content, you can consider building backlinks so as to appear natural.

For a new site, go for keywords that have 30-100 monthly searches initially. For my money sites, I even went for keywords with 20 monthly searches. Remember you also get traffic from related keywords. Once your site gets good on page interaction for organic traffic, Google takes risk of ranking you for quite popular keywords.

This will decrease the sandbox time for new sites.

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Enstinemuki – Founder of

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Pro Blogger/Serial Entrepreneur

I think the best way to drive traffic to a brand new blog largely depends on who is running the blog. If the blog is managed or owned by someone who has created an active  online community, it will be easy to just turn to his community. When I sold out my first blog and moved to, my first article got a huge engagement from my community. I had a list and a pretty awesome social media following. So it was just natural to share with them what I just posted on my new blog.

But for someone who is just coming to the industry, this can be sometimes daunting. But the best traffic tip is to publish the kind of content that will attract attention. Pay attention to SEO and even more attention to the title of your articles.

Being active on blogs in your niche (commenting and sharing others articles) will quickly drive traffic to your new blog. It may not be huge though. However, that will get your new blog discovered.

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Jerry Low – Founder of Webhostingsecretrevealed

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Blogger, SEO Junkie

The single most effective (and often, overlooked) traffic strategy is forum posting.

Forums are often overlooked because they take a lot of effort to bring in positive results. But the result would be massive when it’s done right.

Find a forum that relates to what your blog is about, become a useful member of the forum, and make others want more, from you. The key is to not spam the forum with self-promoting messages.

Be helpful to the community and only drop a link when a member asks for one or it actually adds value to the discussion thread. If you’re running a mom blog, you might want to check out some cooking or child care forums. Share something useful, such as a family recipe. Drop a link or two back to your blog so that people can read more on these topics.

If you’re running a blog about finances, look for forums about investing in a 401K or about different retirement accounts. Post your own experiences and link back to an article on your blog.

To find relevant forums in your niche, Google “inurl:/forum + key terms”, “inurl:/vbulletin/ + key terms”, and so on.

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Chad Pollitt – Founder of

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Author, International speaker, VP of Audience at the Native Advertising Institute

There’s a handful of tactics that I’d recommend, but if I had to just choose one and call it the most effective, I’d choose list rental. What is list rental? Glad you asked. . . As long as you have something to download via a form on your website and the act of filling out the form subscribes that email address to your blog, list rental can drive hundreds, if not thousands, of new subscribers.

Here’s how it works: you either pay someone that already has the audience that you desire, or you politely request that they help you by sending a one-off email to their list whole-heartedly and natively endorsing that gated asset on your website. Of course, they’ll need to link to your landing page. I’ve been able to gain massive spikes in subscribership quickly using this technique.

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Sian Phillips – Managing Editor of Tweak Your Biz

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Freelancer, Editor

Share your blog posts across all the social media that you use. And don’t forget to share it more than once as updates can easily be missed in the influx of information we get nowadays. This can be automated but make sure that you engage with anyone that comments back to you and especially if they comment on the blog. A quick answer is always appreciated and also helps to gain more traction to your blog thereby increasing traffic to your blog.

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Daniel Ndukwu – Founder of Iaexperiment

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Blogger, Entrepreuner

Getting traffic for a new blog can be tricky. No one knows you and they don’t care. There are two ways I like to do it. Both of them involve getting off your website.

1. Guest posting. Depending on your niche and subject area, guest posting can be an amazing way to drive traffic and build influence. The best way to choose the right websites is to Search for an influencer in your niche and follow their guest posting footsteps. Simply type their name into Google and follow the results.

2. Master one social platform. They tell you to get your message out everywhere. I’ve found that guest posting + choosing one social media platform is the best thing you can do. Why one platform? Because you can quickly master it by focusing. If that’s Twitter then learn everything there is to know about Twitter. If that’s Facebook then become an expert. In 6 months, you’ll be an expert and have the ability to drive a torrent of traffic for every single post.

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Tor Refsland- Founder of Torrefsland

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Multi award-winning Blogger and SEO Strategist

There are 3 effective ways to drive traffic to a new blog:

1. If you have built your email list in advance (before launching the blog), email the list

2. If you have built good relationships with influencers in advance, ask them to help you promote your new blog

Or if you haven´t done any of the above, like me when I started out…

3. Create epic content and promote it like crazy.

The first strategic roundup post that I published on my brand new blog brought in 20,231 page views in 6 days.

The formula is quite simple (not necessarily easy)…

Epic content + Promoting the content like your life is depending on it = Massive traffic

You can do it!

Apply some massive action NOW.

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My kind regards to all the experts who took part in this round up post and shared their best tips to drive traffic  for a new blog.

How do you promote your blog? Do you use any of these tips to drive more traffic to a new blog? Please do share these tips with your fellow bloggers!

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