Why should every site start with a coming soon page ?

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There are so many people who often suggest starting a website with a coming soon page. However, there are also users who have no freaking idea about why should every site start with a coming soon page?

Well, there is no doubt that coming soon pages are pretty helpful. They allow us to offer quite a lot of information through a single landing page. But in case if you are still wondering why it is needed, then do not worry. Let me explain the whole thing to you.

Why Should every Site start with a Coming Soon Page ??

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Launch Date

The primary goal of any coming soon page is to let people know about the launch date of your website. Like if a visitor is coming to your website, then there are some reasons behind it. And you should not display them a maintenance page which does not give them any clue.

Instead, you should offer a launch date, and some extra information about your site, brand or product. This way the visitors will not be visiting your website over and over again. Also, they will only come when the website is finally launched and functionally.

Ask For E-Mail Address

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Getting visitors to your website even before launching it? That means there are visitors who are interested in your product or business.

That is why you should not let them go by just displaying the launch date alone. Instead, you can ask for their email. Simply embed an email form in your coming soon page.

This way the visitors will be able to stay in touch with your thing. As well as you will be able to use those emails for marketing purpose later on. Like you can let them know about any deals, coupons or products and get a sale instantly.

Promote Your Social Media Accounts

You can also use a coming soon page for promoting your social media accounts. In today’s world, social media platforms are the best way to promote something.

However, to promote something on these media platforms, there are two ways. First, you can spend bucks to promote something or get organic reach. However, the organic reach only works if you have a good fan following base on your social media pages.

That is why you should promote your social media accounts as much as you can to get that organic reach. Plus whoever is visiting your website might also be interested in following you on a social media platform of your choice. That is why you better make this easy for them by embedding a social media page.

Talk about Your Business

Coming soon pages are also great for talking about your business. You can embed an about us section on the website which will tell the visitors what you do. This will help the visitor know what you are going to do and how your service can help them out.

For example, if you are a carpenter who is taking his business online, you can tell your website visitors about your service. Even you can enter your contact details, so your website visitors can call you, and appointment you for a service.

Create Hype

Creating hype is one of the important things for any business. Without creating hype, no one will be able to sell a product instantly.

But creating the hype without letting the users know about your product is a dull idea. Instead, you can create a product description and embed it with your coming soon page.

After that, you can promote the coming soon page on different social media accounts. And if people get interested in your business, you will get lots of email subscribers. Also in addition to that, a date of the website launch will help them to know when to come back again and make a purchase.

Helps you to start with SEO

It is quite hard to rank nowadays in SERPs, and that is the only reason why you should submit your website to Google as soon as possible.

But submitting a blank website to Google is not a wise idea. Instead, you can set a coming soon page and start with the SEO journey.

Hides the background jobs

Creating a website is not an overnight game. Instead, it takes quite a lot of time to come up with the perfect design. Even you are going to test your website again and again and doing all these stuff publically looks unprofessional.

But when you implement a coming soon page, it helps you to hide the background jobs. Like you can do whatever you want without letting the visitors know any of it. As they are only going to see the coming soon page.  

Embed a Video

Videos are a great way to deliver something instantly. Also, it helps you to quickly connect to the users compared to a bunch of texts. Also, videos take less space compared to the texts.

You can use videos to talk about your products top features, give an overview and show an advertisement that creates hype.

Alternatively, if you are a business user, then you can talk about your business. Or make a video of your team and describe how you guys do your work and how it would be helpful for the visitors. You should also focus on placing the video on the right place of the coming soon page.

Final Words

Well, that was the answer to your question that says Why should every site start with a coming soon page. The main point over here is to be creative as much as you can with your coming soon page.

However, in case if you are going to create a coming soon page. Then do not forget to create something minimal and pretty basic. Do not load up with lots of information instead stick to the basic and make it as much attractive as you can.

Also if you have any more questions to ask, then do not feel free to leave a comment below and we will surely help you out with your query.

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