Bluehost Review 2017- Is it Recommended for WordPress?

Bluehost Review – Pros and Cons of Bluehost hosting

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Web presence represents an important part of your business activity. Web sites provide platforms through which clients and potential customers can access your firm round-the-clock. However, getting started with webdesign and management can be a daunting task. To get the most from your site, you have to pick a top-notch web hosting service.

Bluehost performs exceptionally well when it comes to balancing pricing and features while offering numerous options for the tech-savvy administrators.It is one of the recommended hosting service by WordPress.This article provides a comprehensive Bluehost review.

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Wide Selection of Hosting Services

Web hosting requirements may change from time to time. For instance, if your company expands, your website features should be adjusted accordingly, to manage the increased traffic. As such, you will want a web host that can meet your growing needs. Bluehost has an array of web hosting services including:

  • Shared Hosting
    With shared hosting, each site constitutes its own domain; although all the sites are housed on one server. If you have a limited budget, shared hosting is one of the most cost-effective options.
  • WordPress Hosting
    This web hosting service is specially optimized for compatibility with WordPress. Bluehost is responsible for conducting routine maintenance, which entails WordPress updates and backups.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    This type of server is beneficial for companies anticipating high volumes of traffic or ones that have explicit requirements that may prevent the use of shared servers. Although pricey, you may get a discount on the VPS hosting plan for a long-term contract.
  • Dedicated Hosting
    Bluehost also boasts of several dedicated server configurations. These servers can be equipped with a Linux operating system, and they offer up to 1 Terabyte of hard drive space.

Comprehensive User-Interface

When it comes to managing business websites, the significance of a user-friendly interface cannot be overemphasized. Bluehost offers an easy-to-use control panel, which helps users to create websites, access emails and web files directly from the dashboard. You will also find other add-ons to customize your site, including:

  • Google Apps Integration : Bluehost is designed to provide users with a seamless integration to Google accounts; be it your Gmail or Google Calendar.
  • Website Builders : Moreover, Bluehost has an array of tools for building websites, most of which can be found on the dashboard. If you are creating your site ground-up, Weebly serves as an excellent drag-and-drop builder.

Tools for SEO

In the current digital era, you should be well-versed with the process of tracking and analyzing your site’s keywords. Doing so increases not only your chances of ranking well on search engines but also drawing potential clients. Bluehost is packed with handy search engine optimization tools including AWStats, SoloSEO and Yext.

AWStats evaluates the performance of your site by highlighting the number of visits, the duration of visits and the most-viewed sections.

SoloSEO manages your keywords, provides feedback on back-links and shows rankings of each page.

Finally, Yext is designed to list your business on local search directories.

Bluehost WordPress Speciality

One reason that most web users prefer Bluehost is due to its unique assimilation with WordPress. Put simply; WordPress is a Content Managing System that permits individuals to edit, erase, classify and publish content regardless of one’s technical expertise. If you are looking to build a WordPress site, Bluehost is the ideal option for your hosting services.

Customer Support

If creating a website for the first time, working in tandem with people who have technical expertise is indispensable. Nonetheless, even for the tech savvy, you may experience difficulties on occasion. You may come across error pages or crashed sites; at which point you will need help from the web host provider. With Bluehost, you have access to sales consultants, the technical support crew, and account managers round-the-clock. You can reach them via live chats or phone.


Internet security represents one of the sections where Bluehost stands out. It constitutes three layers of anti-spam protection namely, Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin. More importantly, all your directories are password encrypted, and you can block access to your website by blacklisting certain IP addresses.

Cons Of Bluehost

Hidden Pricing

The prices that Blue host charges are on the higher end compared to other hosting companies. The initial plan $3.49/month though convincing it applies only if you opt for three year plans. When you select for one year, the price may go up to $4.95/month. Additionally the renewal rates are also high so its better to sign up for yearly plans

Paid Website transfer

This is inconvenient for individuals, who have existing websites and would like to migrate or transfer to Blue host servers. While hosting services like SiteGround provides free migration, Bluehost charges about $149 for the service.

Not Compatible with Windows OS

This requirement does not apply to everyone. Typically, web host firms allow users the option of choosing between Linux and Windows. Presently, Bluehost does not offer Windows hosting. Individuals using a different OS from Linux would have to opt for other hosting companies like Hostgator.


Getting a website up and running is pie-easy with Bluehost. This webhost is considered one of the best for the following good reasons:
· Wide range of hosting plans
· Data security
· User-friendly interface
· 24/7 customer support
· SEO optimization tools

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