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3 best blogging platforms to create your blog for free

The service or software that turns a regular website into a functioning blog is called blogging platform. It is a specific form of a content management system. Read More

5 Blogging Basics To Create a Successful Blog

Blogging may seem easy to beginners. However, real pros understand that this tricky art entails a great deal more than writing generally sensible posts. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you cannot become a competent blogger after some painstaking learning and correcting a few mistakes along the way. Read More

Best Blogging Resources & Tools To Make a Perfect Blog 2018

Here i am sharing the various blogging Resources which i used personally (which worked otherwise) and few others suggested by my fellow bloggers (used by them) Read More

How to verify your WordPress site with Google Webmaster Tool

If you are serious about your WordPress site, then verifying it with Google is a must. Verifying the site can help you understand your audience and track your daily traffic. It also provides you with Google’s search statistics Read More

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