Best Website Builders 2020 : WordPress or Wix or Hostgator? (Top 10 reviewed)

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Having a website is a must for businesses these days. If you are a business that wants to thrive and succeed in this digital age, having a website should no longer be a question. In the past, building a website was a mammoth task that only experts could do. 

It used to take extensive time and resources just to complete a website. But times have changed. Website building has become easy, quick, hassle-free with the emergence of website-building tools that can be utilized by professionals and amateurs alike. Website builders offer a more budget-friendly option than hiring a web designer.

A high-quality-builder is crucial to cultivate a successful website. The following are the top 10 website builders available in the market today:


10 Best Website Builders Compared (Free and Paid) 


  1. WordPress.Org

self hosted wordpress

Image Source is different from The former is self-hosted while the latter is not. is an open-source website builder free for anyone to use.

When website-builders use it, they have full control over their website. This autonomy is very well-appreciated by developers and designers since they decide what happens to their website and their data.

It’s user-friendly, and you can easily customize your website design, run ads on your site for extra earnings, and various marketing campaigns.

It has 55,000 free plugins and themes routinely refreshed for easy reference of users that extend the functionality of WordPress by leaps and bounds. Its SEO plugins, on the other hand, help you monitor your website and its performance in every campaign. is popularly used by more than 33.5% of websites all over. We can almost say the internet is built on Since this website builder is self-hosted, you need a reliable WordPress hosting account to host your site.

top websites

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You can use for any type of website, such as an eCommerce website, social network, membership website, community forum, or a personal blog.

Some downsides of is the time you need to spend to learn the interface and how to optimize this web-building tool. Although it’s not that hard to learn, and even novice web designers can hurdle through the learning curve quickly. You will also have to buy your domain name. The cost is not going to break your bank, though.

If you also see your website as an extension of your business, then the most professional and excellent way to go is to buy your domain.

In and other sites that host your website for you, you have no control over the data at all. If in case the host web-building tool decides to close up shop, you have no way to retrieve your information, except if you backed them up.

All engagements that happened within your site will also be put to rest. So even if your business is still starting, build towards a more sustainable and stable future with regards to your website.


  1. Shopify


Image Source 

ECommerce is a fast-growing industry that has exponentially increased in the past years, leveling the playing field for all types of businesses.

Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Micro-Businesses, and even independent start-ups suddenly handed the opportunity to compete with large companies and industries because of the way the eCommerce industry has grown, and the way consumers have behaved as the industry grew.

The power is at the hands of consumers. They now had a much louder voice, taking an active part in their purchase by doing their research, listening to peer reviews, and even gauging you as a company through your online presence and things like corporate social responsibility.It seems like more and more, the consumers are becoming concerned not just with the product or service they can get from you, but the story behind it all—your story—and how that can add value to their lives.

Small businesses had a chance, and eCommerce website builders like Shopify work with them hand in hand. They can design websites that best represent them as a brand while serving their customers and making their sales funnel journey enjoyable, straightforward, secure, and comfortable.

Shopify is behind more than half a million businesses and has active users reaching over a million. More than $ 40 billion of products and services were sold through this eCommerce platform.

What’s great about Shopify is that you need not worry about backend operations to maintain the site. All the web designer or owner needs to focus on are the front-facing activities of the website, like making sure their customers receive immediate replies, feedback, assistance, and impeccable service.

Shopify also integrates secure payment options through third-party payment gateways and comes with full inventory management, easy-to-apply eCommerce solutions, detailed statistics, unlimited products, and a POS system.

Although the price tag is not that cheap, having an eCommerce website running on Shopify boosts your brand and your business substantially. It is a meaningful investment that will take your business to the next level.


  1. Wix

wix website builder

Image Source

Wix is great to use for beginners who are new to website building. Wix gives you total control over your site without the fuss or the pressures of backend operations. Unlike other website builders that drag you into limited access within a pre-designed grid, it doesn’t sacrifice power for ease.

It has simple drag-and-drop editing tools with a massive range of features. Wix also gives out more than 500 templates and an enormous choice of tools and elements.

You cannot use a personal domain name because your domain will follow the format http://www.yourname.wixsite.come/yoursite.

You may find limitations to Wix’s free plan; for example, their banner ad may be a bit intrusive as it stays in place when you scroll down the site. The open plan limits up to 500MB and prevents you from using too many images or videos on your website. You can optimize your videos first in video-editing software to ensure excellent and professional-looking videos. You can also choose to upgrade to a Premium account to avail of more features.


  1. Weebly

weebly website builder

Image Source

Weebly makes website-building simple, but it still comes with heaps of useful features like eCommerce and blogging. It has a similar drag-and-drop editor like Wix.

Weebly stands out as a website builder because of its integrated SEO tools that help small businesses systematically grow their website through reliable data and strategies.

Just like Wix, you get a choice of templates, but not as many as Wix, which covers most niches. You can quickly get a professional-looking site live in just a couple of hours.

It may be easier to use, but it has its weaknesses too. It is limited compared to its competitors when it comes to design and customisability.

You can choose from its paid plans or simply try it out for free. It also comes with a Pro plan that gives you unlimited storage and has no ads, which you can’t enjoy in the Personal project.


  1. Squarespace

squarespace website builder

Image Source 

Squarespace is a cutting-edge website builder packed with a lot of features for both creatives and businesses. It is like the Apple of website builders—very user-friendly and straightforward. It may not be the easiest to use in the market, but it just needs a little patience than Wix.

Squarespace’s template designs are fresh and sophisticated on the market, and they are perfect for creatives who want a visually impressive website. It also has a massive range of features to give your site the power it needs.

Squarespace has the best blogging, podcasting, audio players, and photo galleries, and its eCommerce is a practical alternative to pure eCommerce website builders.

Squarespace has a 14-day free trial and premium plans to choose from this website-building site.


  1. Strikingly

strikingly web builder

Image Source

Strikingly is a website builder focused on one-page websites. It can also provide the best value for money out of all the sites. This website builder makes bloggers and freelancers accessible because of its free plan.

The open program gives you 24/7 customer support, a bandwidth of 5G monthly, and the ability to sell one product for every site via the Simple Store function.

Unlike other website builders, Strikingly’s free plan does not include an SSL certificate, which means your site will be flagged ‘Not Secure’ to anyone trying to visit it.

First, try the free plan, then upgrading it to the Limited paid plan for a month. You will also have a good value for money when you have 50GB of bandwidth per month, and the ability to sell up five products on your site.


  1. Gator by HostGator

hostgator webhosting

Image Source

Gator is a popular web building tool from one of the largest Webhosting suppliers worldwide. It’s perfect for small businesses because it is a one-stop, fully hosted platform.

Just like other web hosting sites, you need not worry about what goes on in the background, like software updates, backups, and security.

There are over 200 templates to choose from, and each design is customizable for your website needs and preferences.

You can directly edit on the page, like pictures and the like, with a point and a click. Drag-and-drop options are available to add images, videos, contact forms, and the like.

You get a custom domain. When you upgrade to an eCommerce plan, you can set-up an online store and start making money through online buy-and-sell or whatever business your heart so desires.

You also get a library or a photo gallery. You are also secure your data is safe from third parties because Gator is a paid product. It does not have a free plan, though, so for meticulous buyers like who want to test the waters first before purchase; this is not available with the Gator system.

It may not be a match to, but it is a more than decent website builder for small businesses and stores that have limited stocks, or a photo gallery showcasing somebody’s portfolio.


  1. BlueHost


Image Source

Bluehost has a lot of hosting packages, options, and extras to suit all-comers. Bluehost’s WordPress makes it easier for website-builders to build a site, and the SSH functionality supplies increased encryption and security.

It’s three central plans cater to beginners, regular bloggers, and SMBs, respectively.

A few tools are free with a hosting package, but others require additional payment. When you use this website builder, you will find a bunch of Bluehost templates that are also free to use.

Bluehost is easy-to-navigate, intuitive, and user-friendly for both experts and those who are just beginning to develop their digital proficiency. It comes with Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Prime Plan, and an Advanced Plan to suit your website needs and business demands.


  1. GoDaddy Website Builder

godaddy website builder

Image Source

GoDaddy is the fastest outright website builder for creating a website. You can finish building a website in less than an hour. They make their website builder simple, or too simple.

Website-builders can use 52 sections that GoDaddy provides in this website builder. However, these sections are frustratingly cookie-cutter and have very few customization options. You are stuck with what GoDaddy has preset to you. GoDaddy offers 20 themes, but it is frustratingly cookie-cutting.

It may offer speed and simplicity, but it isn’t the best choice for complicated websites.

GoDaddy may have a one-month free trial, but its prices are not so impressive to start, so be sure that it is right for you before signing up.


  1. Format

Format is perfect for photographers, artists, and the like that need to show a portfolio of their work professionally. Photographers and artists can establish their art as a business through website-builders such as Format, which gets high customer satisfaction from professional photographers themselves.

format website builder

Image Source

Format includes features such as integrations with Adobe Lightroom and Capture One, proofing, and watermarking. Photographers can easily format links of photo galleries directly into their portfolio.

Format also provides a lot of choices of portfolio templates, create websites quickly without worrying about code, and comes with an intuitive design editor. It is also very user-friendly, mobile-responsive pages, layouts, and templates for mobile-first priority in their customer’s experience.

Photographers also get their very own professional domain and email via G Suite, an online store.



Features that affect development, maintenance, and performance are being offered by services today. Selecting a host is more than merely picking a server. Elements that affect growth, support, and performance are being provided by services today. Consider previewing the site builder before you select the package. While some packages give only the basics, others offer free packages that come with a selection of platforms.

You should remember that these website building services are unique, and others are explicitly tailored to either more advanced website builders or first-time website builders. The level of comfort, internet experience, and the complexity of the websites you build and maintain depends on what you do when you make a website.

For those just wanting a blog, follow this guide on how to make a blog using WordPress, but for a full website you can choose one of the above options on this page


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