Best SEO tools for your eCommerce business

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SEo tools for ecommerce business

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In today’s competitive world, every company has an online presence. It’s social media like tweets, and visibility measures the company’s success. SEO helps in increasing the traffic to a website. It helps in reaching a broad audience from different parts of the world.

The competition across different companies is so fierce that it takes a lot of effort to see the SEO results. You have to target the right keywords, analyze the traffic, content marketing, and optimize the website as well to start viewing the results of search engine optimization. All these techniques require marketing professionals to use the right SEO tool.

If you are facing perplexity of understanding which tools are best for optimal results, then not to worry, we have got you covered. Here are the seven best SEO tools for your eCommerce business.


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Best Seo Tools For Your Ecommerce Business


1. Rank Ranger


Rank Ranger is a tool that helps in getting unique insights on keywords and their rankings. Marketing professionals can use this tool to analyze the ranking of their website on a particular keyword.

It lets you understand if the changes in website ranking are due to search engine optimization or due to changes in the Google algorithm. They provide a neat user interface and present data in the form of graphs to understand the website’s performance.

You can use this tool to discover the right keywords for SEO and PPC. This tool also lets you compare your site performance with your competitor’s website’s side by side.


2. Google Search Console


Google search console is an excellent SEO tool that gives you the most information about your website. It lets you see a list of websites that are associating with your site and when they were indexed.The quality of backlinks is an excellent deal for increasing the rankings of your website. White label link building is superior-quality backlinks that increase organic traffic to your site.

Another relevant usage of this SEO tool is that it tells you if your website is mobile responsive or not. It is especially important because these days, most of the website traffic comes through mobile. If your site has some mobile usability issues, then google search console will notify you, and you can resolve it.

Apart from these, it also tells you the index status of your web pages and any crawl errors. It also gives you search analytics, that is, whether the keywords you are targeting are reaching the right audience along with impressions and the click-through rate.


3. Moz Pro


Moz Pro is a paid SEO tool which is a comprehensive software with many SEO tools. It gives you insights and analytics that assist in the growth of your website’s rankings. It provides free tools like keyword explorer and open site explorer that you can try for a limited time.

The SEO functions covered under Moz Pro include link profile analysis, on-page optimization, and site crawl. It efficiently tracks the rankings of your keywords to see if they are performing good or bad.

Most importantly, it will help you in understanding what topics of content to write about to improve your website’s SEO.


4. Fat Rank


Fat rank is a free SEO tool that allows you to know your keywords rankings. It is a chrome extension that will enable you to analyze your website’s performance quickly.

You can know the accurate rankings of your keywords. You have to search the keyword in your search bar, and it will tell you per page rank for every keyword. If your keyword doesn’t show up in the first 100 results then, it says you are not ranking for that particular keyword.


5. Google Analytics


Google analytics is very crucial for the growth of your business. It gives you reports on four distinct areas: Acquisition, audience, behavior, and conversions.

You can use these features to understand the performance of your website. You will get to know the pages with the highest traffic and which one has the highest bounce rate. It tells you about the amount of time a visitor spends on a page.

It will help you understand what kind of content attracts visitors, increases lead, conversions, and sales. This free tool also helps you in measuring the ROI of different marketing campaigns and investing only in the ones that will give you ROI in the long term.


6. Spyfu


Spyfu is easy to use an SEO tool to analyze your keyword as well as your competitor’s website. It gives you a better understanding of your competitor’s site organic and paid search. This software also lets users do SERP and PPC analysis.

You can better know your competitor’s keywords ranking history, backlinks keyword, and monitor PPC competition. Using this tool, you will get to know your competitor’s Adwords keyword groups. You will get to know which keyword they are targeting, what is working for them, and then use the same keyword group for your paid campaign.

You can also save money on Adwords by looking at your competitor’s negative matches keywords.




AHREF is an ideal digital marketing tool used broadly for SEO analysis. It is suitable for making audit reports, keyword study, backlinks review, website rankings, competitive analysis, and URL rankings.

It gives a holistic report of the website and presents a comprehensive report of what improvements are necessary to increase the website’s visibility. Another critical feature of AHREF is that it showcases a table of popular content based on their social media performance and organic search results.

Another unique thing about AHREF is that it provides a URL rating. It lets you know which URL has got more links based on quality and quantity. This data will help you in using the right title tag, keyword-rich content, and meta description.




The above are the seven best SEO tools for your eCommerce business. These tools are a big life savior for your website optimization. Despite these tools, you have to put in the effort of strategizing and marketing it. Write good content that your visitors would love to read and subscribe to on your website.

Create an exceptional website design that is user friendly and also stands out from your competitors. You also will have to analyze your website’s loading speed. Constant competitor analysis will help you in optimizing your site better. But you must understand that not every tool works for you.

You can try the tools mentioned above by asking for a free trial from the tool websites and purchase only those tools that work for you.


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seo tools for ecommerce business
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