The Top 5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers of 2019

(Last Updated On: 3 Dec)

Did you know that in 2018 there were 501 billion dollars in U.S. sales? Are you wanting to get into this lucrative business but not sure which dropshipping suppliers to choose?

In this article, you’ll learn who the best dropshipping suppliers are. Read on to discover why you won’t want to miss out on these top suppliers in the industry so you can scale up and increase your sales.

top dropshipping suppliers

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail method where a store doesn’t have items it sells in stock. When a buyer comes to their site and orders a product, the seller purchases the product from a 3rd party seller and has it sent to the buyer. The seller never physically sees or handles the product. 

Difference Between Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, a person pays you to promote their product through an affiliate link that you place on your blog or other places. When someone purchases the product through that link, you receive a certain percentage of that profit. 

As an affiliate you:

  • Don’t process payments
  • Don’t hold inventory
  • Could generate traffic through social accounts
  • Receive a commission from someone else’s product

The problem is you’re driving traffic to someone else’s product and receiving a set commission they decide. Because of this, you won’t normally get repeat business. 

With dropshipping, you set your prices, handle customer support, promote your store, and you don’t process payments yourself or hold inventory. With dropshipping, you take the whole profit instead of just a percentage. 

When you have dropshipping, you can also have repeat customers as well. You’re also building a business that can support you in the future. It’s up to you whether you want a more hands-off approach such as affiliate marketing, or hands-on. Dropshipping gives you the ability to customize your store and really make large profits in dropshipping. 

Since it’s hosted through an E-commerce platform, you don’t have to worry about anything technical. 

Top 5 Dropshipping Suppliers

Now, this leads us to the top 5 dropshipping suppliers. These suppliers help you automate your business further and this helps increase sales. Whether you’re looking for full automation or free membership with one-click features, these suppliers have something for everyone. 

Take your time looking through these suppliers, and make sure to write down information about each one to decide who is the best supplier for you. 

1. Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the leading marketplaces to find products to sell on your site. It has great integration with Shopify along with a modern user interface. There’s also the one-click import for AliExpress products. Unfortunately, it only works with Aliexpress and Shopify. There’s no shipment tracking or fulfillment monitoring for free.

While Oberlo has its drawbacks like anything else, it’s still the leader to find products since it has an easy to use interface and a lifetime free option. There are paid plans available as well. They have a basic plan for $29.90 per month and a pro plan for $79.90 per month.

2. Spocket

Spocket allows you to find the hottest products in the U.S., EU, China, Asia, and other locations around the world. Shipping is convenient and inexpensive as well. It works well with Oberlo, Printful, and others. You’ll receive wholesale pricing and have your inventory auto-updated. 

You can also have the automation feature where you can click one button to process your orders. There are free and paid plans. Spocket has a starter plan for $8 per month, a pro plan for $29 per month, and an empire plan for $69 per month.

3. Dropified

Dropified is a fully automated app that integrates with Shopify, GrooveKart, WooCommerce, and CommerceHQ. You can easily add products without having to waste your time manually adding them.

When your customer orders the product, Dropified will then place the order with the supplier, and then the supplier will send the product to your customer. Dropified has a free 14-day trial. You can choose the builder for $47 per month, or the premier for $127 per month.

4. Importify

With Importify you can import products to Shopify with just one click. You can add an unlimited amount of products to your store. They also handle everything from order fulfillment to product management. You can easily customize your products at any time as well.

The basic pricing is $14.95 per month, the premium is $27.95 per month, and the gold is $37.95 per month. There’s a free trial as well, so you can try it before you go through with buying it.

5. AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service owned by Alibaba Group. It’s comprised of small businesses in China and other locations. You can buy products for less and have higher profit margins since they’re mainly from China.

If you decide to go with AliExpress, always make sure to check a store’s seller rating and product feedback. Since items are being shipped from China the shipping times could be longer. There are some copycats on AliExpress so be careful to review all the information about the store and product before purchasing items.

AliExpress is free to browse and pick suppliers. You’ll only pay for the product and sometimes shipping, but sometimes free shipping is available. 

Finding the Top Dropshipping Suppliers

When you’re searching for the top dropshipping suppliers, keep these suppliers in mind to help increase your sales and give you back time.

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