6 Experts Share Their Best Blogging Tips For Beginners

(Last Updated On: 27 Mar)

In light of the current technological and digital era, blogging has rapidly grown to become a key source of information for most people; hence, great opportunities for new bloggers.

The single best blogging tip for beginners that I wish to share is consistency. You see when you maintain blog posts on a regular basis; you get your audience hooked to your content which also translates to increased traffic through social media and email lists.

Whether it is weekly or daily, people prefer a predictable and consistent blogger, or else they move to other blogs. However, I’m not saying that you just post for the sake of consistency. Only post something when you are absolutely confident that it’s up to par. Something that steals the attention of your audience and guarantees you that they will come looking for more.

With that being said,I interviewed some of the greatest Blogging Experts to share their single best blogging tip for beginners and I received great answers. Go through them and start implementing these tips to skyrocket your blog.

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Roundup – Single Best Blogging Tip For Beginners


blogging tips for begibnners


Jacob Cass – founder of JustCreative 

The biggest piece of advice that I would give an upcoming blogger comes in a ‘package’ based from the little things that I have learned over my short career as a design blogger. These would be perfect for someone just starting out: Don’t undervalue your skills. Seek criticism, not praise.

Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner: do this by reading other blogs and by practicing. Collect & share things. Teach others. Never give up.


Elvis Michael – Founder of Listiller


Throughout my blogging journey, I’ve noticed how quickly people shut down an idea merely because it already exists. For example, someone may start “yet another” video game news website only to be met with disapproval from friends and fellow strangers (if the blogger ever requests feedback within a public forum). After all, how many more news sites do we need? They may ask.

However, little do people know that competition and saturation are hardly an issue. it’s all about execution and consistency (such as embracing paid advertising as a short-term strategy, to help your blog get off to a good start).

If a blogger avoided every idea merely because of this, then we would only have ONE single blog in each industry. But smart solopreneurs still start saturated ideas everyday, and those are the ones that laugh all the way to the bank. Again, because of execution and consistency.

Conclusion: Don’t be intimidated by blog saturation. Remember, you don’t need to dominate a niche; you only need 1% of its audience to live a comfortable life. Let someone else dominate it and deal with the major headaches, as you only need a small cult/loyal following.


Ravijit Chavda – Founder of BloggingBook


Blogging is not a hobby anymore now. You have to do it professionally otherwise there are countless competitors who are ready to overtake you.

The biggest mistake people do is they take blogging as a hobby even they’re making few bucks. There is nothing wrong to start blogging as a hobby but once you start making money, try to do it professionally.

Here are the few things which you should always keep in mind.

Always go for TLD’s (.com, .net, .org) Host your blog on faster and reliable hosting (Bluehost is the best for starting)

Produce helpful content Build backlinks in the starting phase (because no one links naturally to the new blog) Start building an email list from day one.

Be smart, be professional, and be productive.


Marko Saric – Founder of HowtoMakeMyBlog


Just do it. Start that blog. Stop thinking about it. Stop talking about. Stop planning, researching and dreaming. This time is better spent actually publishing content and engaging with your potential audience, building loyal fans one by one.

No time spent thinking will ever be able to give you the same experience and practical knowledge that you will get by actually being active in the field, learning what works and improving your strategy.


Ian – Founder of Ianbrodie.com


For me the best advice I can give is to focus on content that’s both valuable to readers (I hope that goes without saying) and that’s different to what others are doing,

The world is full of blogs, podcasts and video channels that just recycle the same old ideas that everyone else shares. We don’t need any more of those, and they won’t get much traction. So even if you’re covering a familiar topic, please, please, put your own unique spin on it.


Chrislema – Founder of Chrislema.com


New bloggers regularly make the mistake of trying to write factual articles. Now, to be clear, I’m not recommending that you lie. But my point is that by focusing so hard on getting everything accurate, you often pull your own self, your voice, and your opinion out of things. And that’s what readers like and are attracted to. So don’t lose your opinion as you write. Put yourself into your posts!

Thanks to all the Experts who took part in this Roundup and shared their best blogging Tips.

Your turn : Hope you got some valuable blogging tips to apply for your new blog! If you have any more tips to share, do share in comments.

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