Best Blogging Resources & Tools To Make a Perfect Blog [Update 2020]

(Last Updated On: 10 Jun)

Blogging resources and tools


Here I am sharing the best blogging resources and tools which I used personally (which worked otherwise). These resources and tools are recommended, particularly for beginners who have a passion for starting a blog.


Blogging Platform

This is the essential step that every blogger should take, and that’s why it occupies the number 1 place. Which platform should you use for your blog?

My recommendation (plus more than 50 percent of bloggers too) would be going for Self hosted WordPress

Other platforms which I have tried for hosting small websites(micro niche sites) or particularly for sharing purposes


2. Blogger

3. Tumblr

Among them, Blogger proves to be equally useful, like that of self-hosted wordpress blogs. Plus, many of the newbie bloggers should first try blogger (blogspot) to get an idea on blogging. 

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Domain name

Every business should have a domain name to stand among millions of brands. Otherwise, it will be lost in the crowd.

One of my favorite domain registrars is Godaddy where you can get a domain of your choice for just one dollar (sometimes it goes up, check with Godaddy for updated price)

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If you have chosen as your blogging platform, then you have to opt for an excellent hosting service to host your blog. Bluehost is a great host which is cheap and best. For just $3.95 you can host your blog. 

Every hosting service have their pros and cons (not 100% perfect), but Bluehost is comparatively better for a few reasons like Easy WordPress installation, budget friendly, and Good Customer Support.


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There are plenty of WordPress themes available for free. Choose wisely according to your niche. Apart from free themes, there are some paid themes which you should give a try.

These themes offer

1. A perfect look for your site or blog

2. May boost your traffic

3. Can improve your revenue

The premium theme which I been using for this blog and recommend for my readers is Thrive themes.



I usually restrict the use of plugins as they may cause few problems with loading time but still, you need few plugins to run your site smoothly

1. Yoast Seo (Most recommended by me and more than 50% of bloggers around)

2. Insert header and footer

3. Share plugins


Image resources and tools for graphic design

Shutterstock: To get high-quality photos, Shutterstock is a go-to resource for your blog. There is n number of excellent images that can give a professional look to your blog posts. They offer a 1-month free trial to check their service. 

Other alternatives that you try are Pexels and Unsplash, which offer high-quality royalty-free stock photos. 

Canva: This tool provides millions of free photographs, illustrations, vectors, icons, and shapes to create high-quality images for your blog and social media posts. Alternatively, you can utilize your personal library of stock photos and make stunning images using Canva. 

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Tools for Keyword Research and Traffic generation

Google tools – the internet world has become such a thing that without Google, nothing can be done! That’s genuinely said.

Once you create your website, you need to use at least two great tools offered by Google.

1. Google webmaster tools: Submit your site to search console and get indexed with Google. This tool gives a clear picture of page impressions, clicks, errors, etc. 

2. Google analytics: By adding Google analytics “tag manager” to your site, you can learn about your site’s performance in real-time. You will get a clear idea about page views, clicks, visitor’s geography, bounce rate, and goal conversion rates with Google analytics. 

One of the paid tools that is recommended for bloggers is SemRush. This is one of the essential tools for keyword research. It gives more insights like search volume, keyword difficulty, competitor analysis for a particular keyword, etc. They offer a 7-day free trial. You will love it!


Blogging Books

Need Inspiration or Motivation to keep your blog lovely? Just check out these books from Amazon. 12 Best books about Blogging to improve your blog


Monetization Resources

There are mainly three types of bloggers around

1. Bloggers who run blogs to earn a living

2. Bloggers who run blogs just to follow their passion

3. Bloggers who want to share something with their family, friends, and like-minded people.

80% of the bloggers come under category 1 (it’s true! Admit it).  So if you run a blog, you should also know how to monetize and earn money. Below are few monetization methods which worked for me (for you too!)

1. Adsense

2. Commission junction

3. Shareasale

4. Amazon

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Bloggingtek Affiliated Partner – Premium Ready-Made & Starter Sites



Don’t want the technical stuff and Want to concentrate only on writing content and building your brand? Then you should consider Blog setup matters! It’s a done-for-service where you will get high-quality custom websites at affordable rates.


These are the primary blogging resources and tools which I have used and came out with excellent results. Kindly bookmark this page as I will be adding more resources in future days.

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