10 Best Affiliate Programs and Networks for Bloggers

(Last Updated On: 29 Mar)

In this article, we’re going to look at the 10 best affiliate marketing websites or programs. As you may already know, affiliate marketing happens to be one of the largest online ventures and has become the primary source to make money for thousands of professional webmasters, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

If you’re new to the concept of affiliate marketing, don’t worry. I will walk through all the basics of affiliate market and what you need to succeed in this industry. To get a better understanding of the affiliate marketing, let’s take a detailed look what exactly affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sales technique that allows product and service owners to increase their sales by enabling affiliates to earn commissions while promoting and recommending the products to others.

This gives affiliates a chance to earn money on the product and service sales without having to create their own.

At the end of the day, the price the customer pays, whether buying the product/service from the owner or the affiliate remains the same.

The product owners might make lesser money when they sell via affiliates because they have to pay a certain percentage as commission, but they are able to reach more clients that they would have otherwise not reached.

How does Affiliate Program work?

To get started as an Affiliate, just follow the steps outlined below

i. Choose a Niche

Before you even think of setting up your affiliate site, you need to decide the type of affiliate niche you will be marketing in. Quite honestly, figuring out the best niche is one of the difficult steps.

While it’s not a must to choose a topic that you’re an expert in, selecting a topic that you’re at least passionate about can make your affiliate journey smoother.

Also, find out if the niche has room to accommodate more affiliates and has earning potential.

ii. Research Affiliate Programs

After deciding on the niche, find out what is at your disposal in terms of affiliate programs and products to promote.

Choosing an affiliate program can be time-consuming, do a thorough research before jumping into any networks.

When choosing your affiliate program, go for the program that merchants and other affiliates in your niche are already using. Also, find out how much commission you can earn, the kind of support offered, and so on.

Ideally, the program should be free to join and only charge you when you make money.

iii. Build a Site

This step could have been one of the most expensive to undertake, but thankfully, with CMS’s like WordPress offering free website templates and themes, you have less to worry about.

The WordPress CMS is quite easy to use and there are hundreds of free themes you can use.

I personally recommend buying a custom domain and a basic hosting package to host your WordPress site. This way, your visitors will take you seriously.

iv. Produce Excellent Content

Your goal at this point should be to create authoritative, unique and high-quality content in your niche that will attract the readership of your followers.

This could be in form of product reviews or informational posts.

Post content that addresses common questions, issues, and problems relevant to your target audience. Ensure you don’t go for a week without posting something on your site.

Don’t forget to build social media accounts and pages for your site as this is one of the most successful ways of building and engaging target audience.

v. Promote Affiliate Offers

Most fly-by-night affiliates bypass steps 1 to 4 and jump right to this step, which is why they fail within a short time.

After creating some useful content to your audience and building some considerable traffic, you can now start promoting offers for a commission.

Some of the methods of presenting offers to your audience include product reviews, banner ads, in-text content links, email promotions, giveaways, and discounts, just to mention a few.

This is how affiliate marketing works!

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Best affiliate programs for bloggers


If you are a blogger or entrepreneur, here are the top 10 most profitable affiliate programs and networks you can join to make money as an affiliate.

I have categorized them into Mainstream Affiliate programs and High ticket affiliate programs.

Mainstream Affiliate programs

I. ShareASale 

This is one of the largest affiliate programs with about 40,000 merchants. As an affiliate, you get access to a large amount of data and resources on how to go about your business.

Some of their offers include Earnings per Click, Average Sale Amount, Reversal Rates, Average Commission and Average Sale Amount.

ii. Clickbank

Click bank is one of the top league affiliate networks and it deals mainly with digital products such as tutorials and ebooks.

The program has been around for ages and hosts millions of digital products that you can promote and earn a handsome commission.

iii. eBay

You can earn huge commissions on eBay promoting other people’s products.

Earnings depend on the products you choose to promote, and interestingly, which part of the world you come from.

There is an offer to earn double the amount of commissions within the 1st three months.

iv. Amazon

This is the largest affiliate network that offers a wide range of benefits to its merchants and affiliates.

The platform has over 1.5 million sellers, which makes it a great option for beginners in affiliate marketing.

Additionally, you have a virtually endless list of products to promote and unlimited earning potential.

v. Rakuten Linkshare

This is also one of the oldest affiliate networks that have gained massive popularity in the past few years.

The platform comes with unique features such as banner ad rotation which makes running your blog easier.

vi. Flexoffers

The best thing about Flexoffers is that they pay you much faster than their competitors in addition to offering all the standard affiliate program features.

They have been in the field for over 10 years so you can trust their impressive set of tools and features.

vii. CJ affiliate

Also known as Commission Junction, the platform offers affiliate programs and support for a wide range of well-established and popular organizations.

They have some of the most advanced trackings and reporting affiliate tools in the industry, and their product listings are virtually limitless.

What is a High ticket Affiliate marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing might sound fancy, but it’s actually not. It means that instead of earning small amounts with the usually low-end affiliate products, you go for bigger commissions.

Typical products in most affiliate programs are priced between $10 and $250, and some will pay you a commission of as low as 10%.

So for you to make significant income, you need to sell a lot of these products.

High ticket affiliate marketing on the other hand typically involves high priced products that can earn you commissions of up $1000.

And here are the most popular High-ticket affiliate marketing programs you can join.

viii. Shopify Affiliate Program

The platform has millions of merchants and you can earn up to $1500 per referral. Signing up is quite easy and they provide promotional tools such as deep linking and banners.

ix. Ninja outreach

This more like a prospecting and outreach tool. It offers users with simple e-mail integration, prospecting, social media, analytics, SEO reporting and much more.

x. Kinsta.com

I had to sneak this in because it’s actually not an affiliate program, but a WordPress hosting service provider. However, their affiliate program is mind-blowing.

They offer up to $500 per referral and up to $1,350 recurring commissions per month. You should check them out.


As you can see, learning about affiliate marketing and joining the industry is not as difficult as many people think.

All you need is appropriate planning, identifying the right tools and programs and staying true and consistent.

Lastly, be patient and keep working at it and within three to six months you should be seeing some good numbers.