Beginners Guide to Commission junction (CJ Affiliate by Conversant)

(Last Updated On: 3 Dec)

Commission junction ( now referred as CJ Affiliate by Conversant )

Commission Junction is a highly reliable website in the field of freelance affiliate marketing. This website is driven by the idea of pay for performance. It helps in building an impressive partnership between the advertisers and publishers, which in turn helps this network connect with a huge number of consumers on a daily basis.

cj affiliate by conversant

Commission Junction Sign Up Process

Signing up for an account on Commission Junction is not at all a tedious process. Creating an account is very easy and trouble-free. Visit the Homepage and click on the ‘Free Publisher Sign Up’ Tab. To start the process, click on ‘Sign Up’ Today. Choose your language, currency and country on the Sign up form and click ‘Next’. Read the Service Agreement and agree to it.

In the next step, you need to enter your contact details and details regarding your website. After filling out all this, click on ‘Accept Terms’. Your application will be processed and you will receive an email which provides you information regarding your Login details. Once you get the Login details, go to the Homepage and go to the Client Login area.

After logging in, you should fill in the tax details. Your account on this website is now completely ready for usage.


CJ Affiliate by Conversant possesses various advantages

  • The advertisers and merchants on this website sell products and services which belong to famous brands, which in turn, ensure good quality of the services and products. This makes the website extremely trustworthy.
  • One of the best features is that the payment is done by the website and not by the merchants.
  • The tracking system is simply awesome because it provides the option of encrypting links.
  • The application of the publisher gets approved immediately without any delay.
  • Another amazing advantage is that you can also transfer your account to someone else easily without any hassles.


  • Even though this website gives you the option of choosing from various merchants, not all of them will approve you as an affiliate. For this, you need to give an application to each merchant individually.
  • The products and services offered on this website are of high quality because they belong to famous brands. This results in low payout for affiliates because the profit margin is very low for merchants.
  • The Customer Care support is available only through e-mail, which is not beneficial in cases when you need support urgently.

Comparison with other Affiliate Networks

Various alternative websites are present online which offer freelance affiliate marketing. Getting used to Commission Junction is a bit more difficult as compared to ClickBank.

Commission Junction is better than ShareASale because it offers products belonging to famous brands unlike Share A Sale, which offers products belonging to small brands.

The commission rate on CJ is much less as compared to the commission rate on ClickBank. The quality of the products and services offered on CJ is much improved than its competitor websites.

The top notch publishers around the world prefer Commission junction to promote their products because of its popularity and authenticity. If making money by blogging or expanding your affiliate business is your major aim, Commission junction is definitely the best option for you.