An Interview with Gaurav Kumar Founder of eAskme

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It is always an honor when I talk about journey of a professional blogger. There is a lot that you can learn from professional bloggers. Their story is always motivating as you can not only learn how they can make money, but also how to start blogging and how to face challenges and recover from blogging fever.

Today I am going to share an exclusive interview of a super successful and professional blogger Gaurav Kumar. He is not just known as the Founder of eAskme, but also as the most motivating personality in blogging.

Let`s learn more about him.

Q) Hello Gaurav, It will be great if you share something about yourself to my readers. Who you are? and What do you do?

Gaurav: I am Gaurav Kumar, mostly known as owner of eAskme. I am a passionate blogger and professional internet marketer. I am also known as the blogger who makes money by teaching other how to make money. I teach how to learn blogging online , how to start a blog and work on branding of yoru blog.

I am a full time blogger. Most of my time is dedicated to blogging, content syndication, social media promotions and running my own courses.

Q) How you have started your first blog? What inspired you?

Gaurav: I always says that inspiration always comes from inside. No one can inspire you until you do not want to get inspired.

After my college, I started working in MNC`s, but was not satisfied working in shifts, so was looking for a change. One day I met a student at game parlour and we started talking about work and money. He told me that there is a way to make money online. He told me how to create a blog on Blogspot and apply adsense.

After that day I spend weeks doing research on how to do it actually or how to start blog and make money blogging? In October, 2013 I started my very first news blog on blogspot. Till the end of December 2013, I was able to reach $500/month from adsense only.

SO this was a great start for me. In 2014, I started eAskme, for everyone who wants to learn new things and explore every single opportunity available online.

Q) Every newbie blogger make lot of mistakes. What mistakes you have made in your blogging career? What should a blogger do to avoid such mistakes?

Gaurav: Like most of the newbie bloggers, I have also made mistakes, but learned from them and fixed with the time. I have made some mistakes which are very common, such as Ignoring SEO and copy content.

In the beginning, I was not aware about the benefits of SEO and that is why I never cared what that is. But later I realized that I am losing a huge amount of traffic because my content was not ranking in search engines. SO I strated learning SEO and worked a lot to improve.

I also learned teh techniques to avoid copy content on my blogs, such as using copy content checker tools, using stock free images etc.

Q) How a blogger can start a blog?

Gaurav: To start a blog, the very first thing is to find the monetizable niche, a good brandable domain name, a premium theme and choose a good web hosting service. Start creating important pages and blog posts.

You can take help of domain name guide  and blogging guide for money  to learn step-by-step how you can start and make your blog a brand.

Q) From where your blogs get most of the traffic?

Gaurav: I mostly get traffic from social media and viral syndication. I share my content with my followers, work on increasing my email list and connect with fellow bloggers to boost blog sharing. It helps to increase traffic. My blogs mostly gte traffic from Google Plus, Search Engines, Facebook, twitter and many other social networks.

With the time I am expanding my reach over more social networks and also increasing number of followers.

 Q) Is email marketing still important?

Gaurav: Yes, email marketing is always important to generate leads, get more traffic and make more money. It helps to convert leads into loyal readers also. This also helps you to turn your readers into customers as they continuously connect with your blog and see what you are offering.

Q) How you are monetizing your blog?

Gaurav: There is no doubt that we all work for money. I also work on blogs not just to be popular but also to make good money. I use every possible solution for my blogs which helps me to monetize my blog content.

Not just Google Adsense, but I also use Bing ads, Direct Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, review writing etc.

The biggest source of my earning is always affiliate marketing.

Q) Which Blogging tools you recommend and use?

Gaurav: There are hundreds of blogging tools that you can find online to research, analyze, create and promote your content. I always recommend following tools:

    Google Analytics





    Facebook power editor

Q) For my readers do share your other helpful blog and how they can connect with you?

Gaurav: I am working with many blogs other than eAskme. There are hundreds of blogs under my blogging network. I would like to share some here

eAskme: You have a question, here is the answer

WikiAskme: Tech in your mind

Wikihealthblog : stay healthy

You can Connect with me on




Q) Message for Bloggingtek readers:

Gaurav: To all the readers, always follow your passion. Don`t just do anything for money only. If you do something with passion, money follows you automatically. If blogging is your passion, then don`t wait, start a blog as this is the right time to do it.

So readers, you have learned about Gaurav kumar and his blogging journey today. I hope you can get something helpful from this interview.

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