4 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Walking Around New York City

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2018)


There is nowhere on earth like New York City.

I have been here hundreds of times – as a New Jersey native – and still marvel at the wonders in this special, thriving, sometimes chaotic place.

Even after circling the globe as a full time digital nomad during the prior 6 years I still have seen no major city quite like New York. The people, the neighborhoods, the towering skyscrapers, the food and overall texture of the places screams “NYC”.

I learned a few clear and distinct blogging lessons during a recent walk through the city with my wife Kelli.

Seize these 4 ideas to accelerate your blogging success

1: Go Where Your Readers Are

Food truck owners in NYC are not dingbats.

These folks set up shop by popular tourist areas.

I noted throngs of said trucks by the Met, select spots by Central Park and by the southern end of the Park, all being spots where folks congregate, and buy food or beverages.

My readers tend to hang out on blogging tips and travel blogging blogs. I submit guest posts and publish helpful comments on blogging tips and travel blogging blogs.

Go where your readers are to build a thriving, successful blog.

2: You Can Go Farther than You Think

Me and my wife walked 2 and a half hours around the city.

We did not plan to spend that much time walking. 150 minutes prior to our long jaunt, neither of us would have imagined walking nearly 120 city blocks. But being in the moment, we went farther than we thought we’d go.

This has been my blogging experience. By going slowly, and patiently, I am persisting well beyond where I’d envisioned myself being, through blogging. I figured making a tidy little living and helping folks would be the limit of my blogging journey. But almost 10 years after buying my domain and hosting I have been featured on over 1000 blogs, including Virgin, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Fox News.

I have become a full time, established, island hopping, pro blogger.

I have become an Amazon best-selling author.

I have gone well beyond where I imagined I’d be, blogging-wise, through the concept of focusing on the journey and not the destination.

3:  Presentation Counts

The Pierre. The Plaza.

We passed by some of the most expensive, brilliant hotels in NYC.

Presentation is everything in these places because the image you project determines how people perceive you.

The 2 aforementioned hotels would have appealed to Scrooge McDuck, Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark with the dramatic flags, clean, crisp brand logos and the overall presentation of these in-demand, world renowned spots.

How is your blog looking these days? My developer created a custom, bespoke, one of a kind Blogging From Paradise theme for me, to convey a professional brand image. Even though my content rocks I know the packaging counts too.

Spend money on a premium blog theme. Use ample white space. Clear, crisp designs lay out a 4 star welcome mat for your blog readers.

4: Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

Those 2 hours and 30 minutes flew by because my wife and I had fun walking around one of the biggest, most fascinating cities in the world.

Being a New Jersey native, I have been to NYC hundreds of times. But each time I see something new and have more fun exploring this magical megalopolis.

Have fun blogging! The time will fly, you’ll keep the childlike wonder that all passionate, successful bloggers have and you will accelerate your blogging success exponentially if you are blogging for fun, with love, versus for profits, with fear.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned today?

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