3 Best Blogging Platforms 2017 to create a Blog for Beginners

The service or software that turns a regular website into a functioning blog is called blogging platform. It is a specific form of a content management system. There are several free and paid blogging platforms that are available online. Among them WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are the three best blogging platforms for Beginners

best blogging platforms for beginners

Here we will talk about top 3 best blogging platforms for Beginners to start a Blog


It is the most popular and best blogging platform that has two options – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While with WordPress.com you can create blogs absolutely free but with a little customization, WordPress.org allows you to download free software or web web hosting platforms to install on your own site. It enables you to customize your own site.

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This is a free blogging platform offered by Google. You just need a gmail account to use this blogging platform. It is easy to set up and offers lots of free templates. One can create a free blog using blogger templates and can give a unique look.


Blogging has now become much easier and enjoyable with Tumblr. It is believed to be the first main stream service to combine blogging and social media together. Using Tumblr you can blog from your mobile, desktop anywhere you wish to. It supports custom domain names and allows you to upload photos. There are several Tumblr blogs that focus on sharing photos on a specific theme or topic.