10 Best Genesis Child Themes (Studiopress Theme) for Blogging 2019

(Last Updated On: 15 Jan)

For Bloggers who are on strict budget, free WordPress themes are practical options. if you are willing to extend your upfront cash out a bit, paid-for themes are worth considering when creating a wordpress site for blogging. Among them, Genesis Framework (Studiopress) is a popular and best WordPress theme company.

The themes are built on an impressive 2-part system that offers functionality (parent theme) and customization (child theme). Other great benefits that Genesis offers include a comprehensive support forum, help desk, mobile responsive features, and a massive selection of child themes.

As there are dozens of custom genesis child theme available out there it’s pretty confusing to find which one suits your need .

So, here I have made a list of 10 best (Studiopress) Genesis Child themes for blogging so that you can decide which one is made just for you . Each of the theme has their own unique capabilities to garner your site just to the point . The review of these themes has been made upon their exceptional features , layout and one most important fact , Search Engine Optimization , on which your traffic generation depends greatly.

Best Of 10 Studiopress Genesis Child Themes for Blogging


Parallax pro is the ultimate theme you have been looking all along to place on your site . Say about elegance and friendliness this is 100% responsive theme . It captures the reader in such a way that not a single chance of click to read further misses out . This dark featured theme is coded with a view to keep the contents of the page connected to each other which makes it to be the best vertical design. Anyone gets awe struck with the look of it .
So, if you are up to building any enterprise business or just a portfolio website then look no further . Here you are with your perfect solution

best studiopress child themes



Another magnificent genesis child theme is the Splash theme.It includes some exciting features like Featured Area background image , featured options and easy customization capability of subscription area , Social list and a great themedy settings to the Appearance module.

Splash also offers maximum user engagement by keeping the excellent layout just perfect for producing highest possible leads to be generated .Social media links can be easily linked to the header of this lightweight theme.

The huge range of customization capability for the appearance , link management , easy handling of comments and subscription makes it a popular product . This beginner theme is more than perfect for those who wants to get the best possible product from least possible effort.

best studiopress child themes



News Pro is one of the best studiopress theme for blogging.This multipurpose magazine styled theme is perfect for it’s minimal layout with maximum SEO benefit . It’s coded to ensure the search engine friendliness with a robust outlook.

For any content heavy sites it comes like a god grace supporting smooth placing of audio , video , images and great articles , making it a love for readers and customers.
Flexibilty of the news pro is it’s thousands of customization options .

best genesis child themes



Experts like to claim the Magazine Pro a genesis child theme to be the real all-rounder theme because of it’s stunning ability to blend into any type of blog that the blogger needs . Be it new website , fashion magazine , business site or anything you like , it goes smoothly for all . It comes with six different layout and a number of templates for each of the major pages. Comfortable amount of customization ability is also served by this theme
The thing that the developers like to brag about it is it’s trendiness.Because,not only the sleek desktop view , it delivers a smooth browsing for the mobile users too . As the number of online population through smartphone is at it’s peak , It’s perfect choice to go with right away

Studiopress genesis child themes 2017



Another great arsenal for your wordpress website is the Daily Dish Pro, specialized for food and recipe blogging. This studiopress theme has the outstanding ability to boost the blog traffic by bringing lots of readers from the search engine right away .The SEO friendliness of this site makes it an attractive one.This theme has greatly customization blocks for Header , Body and Footer and other News blocks.
The fact that keeps it at it’s peak is that it’s specially designed focusing on the content . Daily dish also allows you to customize it to a great extent.

Genesis Daily Dish Pro theme by studiopress



Modern blogger pro is a colorful , bold and sleek styled theme that makes it to stand out in the crowd. This theme is perfect for it’s name as it’s quite easy to handle for different aspects of blogging. Content posting and the style management has never been so easy the way that this theme can make you feel.
This genesis child theme modern blogger pro with utterly clean and attractive theme comes with five color options to suit up bloggers taste.

Best studiopress theme for blogging



Backed by the creators Eleven Pro has been one of the best selling studiopress themes since it’s release from 2012 . It’s specially suggested for the bloggers who love to have more pages on their blogs with wide pages . Notable for it’s clean and simple layout Eleven 40 pro is loved by the users for it’s huge number of features .
The reasons to choose Eleven 40 is it’s characteristic to keep up with the update . It’s a constantly improving theme with rising potentials. Modern outlook of this theme is also a noteworthy feature to choose it from many.

Best studiopress theme for blogging


Genesis child theme Education pro is one darn traffic hungry theme with a light layout. Served with light shades of blue it’s beautiful and pleasing to look at. This theme comes up with a pretty covered details about initial set up information,which make it quite easy for the newbies to start with. Again the support from the developer is unquestionable which makes it pretty trustworthy to start the theme with .
Various widgets to set up the specific regions of the theme makes it quite adjustable with anything .The SEO friendliness of this theme is also pretty impressive .

Studiopress themes



Executive Pro is worth mentioning for it’s super elegant look which come with a pretty eye catching layout . This theme gives a fine experience of readership like the way they challenge that readers will never be bored to go on with this theme. Executive pro is never too cluttered nor too minimal for the contents , which ensures the maximum healthy browsing and reading experience.This is a specially designed mobile friendly theme.
The executive specialist theme comes with numbers of options notably , the Color option , Navigation option , widget option and tool bar options

Studiopress child themes



If you want distraction free theme with a complete focus on the content, then Focus Pro the sweet child theme of genesis is right out of box for you . Focus pro stylishly comes up with two menu bars on the Header , One side bar and one great customizable auto-responders box which will be loved by most of the bloggers. It has impressive management for the social media links .This theme is easily usable for any blogging niche with the customization options.
So, if you want a out of box theme with lots of technical support and SEO friendly theme to nicely decorate with contents on your site then Focus Pro is the perfect theme for you without questions.

Focus Pro theme, a Genesis framework child theme by StudioPress


Wrapping up

It’s quite obvious that these Genesis child themes stands out of the crowd with the complete package of blogging, a bloggers need . From every aspect, starting from design , simplicity , user friendliness and search engine optimization these themes stand best among the crowd. Unlike other theme companies , you get the first hand vouch for the quality of each of these studiopress theme and technical support too.

So, do you use any of these Studiopress child themes for your blog? Do share your experience in the comment box !